Some people have the capacity to transport you into another cosmos while talking about about every day life and this is certainly the case today on this very rainy and rather cool afternoon in London, while listening to the varied and exciting life anecdotes of the very charming Mr Van Peterson who has managed to give me a glimpse into his Rock n’Roll world and bring a ray of sunshine on this otherwise rather dull and grey day.

A modern and eclectic designer who loves animals and especially bears and has a great devotion for life, an astute understanding of the business and who designs according to his moods, either in complete silence or while listening to classical or heavy metal music. It seems that there is no middle of the road or grey areas in his mind and everything is guided by his passions which he has many. Eric Van Peterson is not only interested in jewellery but also in making everything around him look beautiful so perhaps a natural path for him would be to expand, one day soon and move into other areas of design alongside furnitures, buildings or creating an individual design company suited to the client’s needs incorporating his vision of beauty in jewellery, art, interior design and who knows, perhaps one day he could even write a script or direct a movie, such is the wide, wild world and mind of Eric Van Peterson. He is very much motivated by his graceful wife and has great appreciation of women, especially when buying jewellery for themselves in his stylish boutique which he has also designed.

A man for all seasons it seems,who started his career as a collector of rare pieces of Art and Furnitures and selling all kinds of object d’art and vintage clothing in Camden Lock Market, London, alongside names such as Annie Lennox and Anita Roddick of the Body Shop and who eventually went on to found the self-titled luxury jewellery line Van Peterson. One of the original and longest standing stores on the heart of Walton Street, founded over 30 years ago, the jewellery concept boutique incorporates modern pieces with spiritual and eclectic design taking inspiration from his travels across the globe.

His passion for the industry soon encouraged him to open his first stand-alone store in Sloane Square, where he specialised in selling a mix of Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewellery and ceramics. This soon transpired into the opening of the Van Peterson store on the heart of Walton Street in 1981. It was here where he started to add his own jewellery designs to the antique pieces he had collected.

Which woman does not like jewellery I wonder? that you wear much of it or , as in my case not much unless it has a great meaning to me , no one ever ceases to appreciate the craftsmanship and intricacy of a beautifully designed necklace an elegant and shimmery pair of earrings, a statement bracelet or a colourful dazzling ring. Being somewhat of a jewellery aficionado I always take time to discover new brands and rediscover some others that I may not be so familiar with. It’s one of the many pleasure of life and the many things that I like to explore in my travels and I am always on the look out for the unexpected, exciting and new things in Art, Music, Travel and Fashion. I particularly like objects that are classic with a twist, organic in it’s feel and unusual but still very wearable and so I find myself pleasantly surprised, trying on all these unique pieces easy to the touch and comfortable almost like a second skin and cleverly designed like for example necklaces from the Gypsy Collection who are created with each piece consisting of a removable section that can be separated to shorten the necklace length, and worn as a matching bracelet. As you will discover when visiting the boutique there are many variations of colours and shapes to match any style and taste, as every piece of jewellery tells a different story worth wearing again and again.

Eric Van Peterson was born in the US and is originally from Ohio, he has travelled he has seen and he has conquered it seems. His cultural experiences, particularly in and around the Far East, have inspired him to create a contemporary yet vintage collection, comprising of a mix of silver, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and successful adaptation of the Chinese zodiac. Incorporating modern jewellery with its more significant pieces, organic shapes echo throughout and the use of contrasting materials give the vibrant collections a contemporary twist.