Driving through one of the most beautiful ski resort villages in the Alps of southeastern France, we arrive in picturesque Megève, with a population of more than 3,000 residents. The town is well known as a ski resort near Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Conceived in the 1920s as a French alternative to St. Moritz by the Rothschilds, it was the first purpose-built resort in the Alps. Originally it was a prime destination for the French aristocracy. It remains one of the most famous and fanciest ski resorts in the world.

With its many winding roads, rustic-chic chalets, upmarket hotels and designer boutiques, its pedestrian centre has cobbled medieval streets and in the summer, trails lead through green forests and meadows, and up to Mont d’Arbois for panoramic views and this is where we have a special rendezvous for lunch at the rustic and exclusive Le Club du Mont d'Arbois which is part of the Edmond de Rothschild heritage which celebrates craftsmanship in its conglomeration of hospitality.

We find ourselves to be very fortunate to be visiting such a place on a rather sunny and warm summer afternoon, Le Club is indeed a well-kept secret which took us a long time to discover as the name of this charming restaurant can be somehow mystifying. Situated at the base of the Megève ski lifts in winter, Le Club du Mont d’Arbois offers the perfect lunch for the most ardent skiers and well-deserved rest, in the summer months the restaurant at the golf course, located right off the greens, offers a quick gourmet stopover throughout the day with a lunch menu to satisfy golfers and hikers alike, as well as a terrace offering the most beautiful views.

After a hearty meal consisting of local delicacies you might be inclined to succumb to a restful siesta on the comfortable lounge chairs but for those more activity-minded there are a number of attractions nearby such as hiking and the rental of electric bikes.

If you choose to have an overnight stay, look no further than the elegant Chalets du Mont d’Arbois a place steeped in history, acquired by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1963. They housed the 100 European dignitaries invited to the 100-hour celebration marking the end of the renovation work at the Palace des Neiges, the first luxury hotel in the French Alps founded by Baroness Noémie de Rothschild.

Designed according to the architectural principles of Henri-Jacques Le Même, the Chalets du Mont d’Arbois gave birth to traditional mountain architecture – a timeless style that has spread throughout the world. Each chalet presents its guests with a unique setting and atmosphere. These peaceful havens combine traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design while incorporating the Rothschild family’s collectibles into the furniture. A comfortable, intimate atmosphere reigns at the Chalets du Mont d’Arbois. Here, everything is designed to enhance your well-being – and the SPA is a haven of relaxation.

Twenty-four elegant rooms with understated furniture that gives the mountain spirit a more modern update. In the lounge, you can relax and chat by the huge fireplace Rejuvenation and well-being await you in the SPA, which is open to the natural surroundings.

Luxury, relaxation and indulgence in both summer and winter, the Chalets du Mont d'Arbois immerse guests in a world of unparalleled refinement.