With The Royal Pavilion and surrounding gardens on its doorstep, a former royal residence and seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811, one might say Brighton Beach House was destined to open its doors here and be the first Soho House by the Sea in the UK. This vibrant and eclectic city on the south coast of England is a captivating place that seamlessly blends a rich history, lively culture and a great music scene, it is a city known for its distinctive character, diverse communities, and iconic landmarks.

Two floors of Art Deco-inspired interiors and overlooking the English Channel, Brighton Beach House has a glass front and a banana-shaped pool designed by artist David Shrigley. It is also home to the UK’s largest collection of artworks from LGBTQIA2S+ artists featured throughout, somewhat reminiscent of the first-ever clubhouse in London's Greek Street which was opened in 1995 when founder Nick Jones was offered the space above his restaurant, Cafe Boheme, creating a world of intimacy and exclusivity with its member's only policy although guests can join and enjoy the facilities too.

This concept has expanded globally with houses opening worldwide one by one at an accelerating speed in recent years. Despite the expansion, the houses always stay ahead of their time with their excellent and transformative choice of locations and innovative concepts in designs that combine chic relaxed glamour and comfort. It is somehow reassuring knowing that no matter where you go these days you will find a Soho House in so many cities around the world, each with its distinct flavour and all welcoming in their different ways. First impressions very much harmonise with the well-known Soho house style and do not disappoint as we enjoy our pre-dinner cocktails of a mix local gin and sit down on a comfortable and stylishly designed chair where art deco meets 1960s-inspired Hollywood glamour. We are admiring the sunset and the pretty scalloped parasols echoing the hues of nearby beach huts dotted along the coastline.

Surrounded by the local art collection of artists born, based or trained in Brighton and its surroundings we enjoy the artistry of David Shrigley, Aimée Parrott, Rachel Whiteread, Dexter Dalwood, Somaya Critchlow, Dee Ferris, Harold Offeh, Magali Reus and Miranda Forrester. But the food is also a canvas for creativity, with the chef pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking to create innovative yet warming and familiar dishes with the culinary artistry. Flavours, textures, and presentations are combined to evoke emotions and engage the senses in a multisensory experience with locally sourced fish and seafood and a range of plant-based options, from the classic Saturday brunch featuring delicious dishes or even better a succulent Sunday roast with all the trimmings all presented with a House twist. The club menu combines globally loved House Regulars with inspiration from the city’s food culture. We particularly liked the Dressed Crab with gem hearts and Tabasco, and the Wood-Fired Brill with brown shrimp and caper butter.

Brighton Beach House is a source of comfort, a catalyst for exploration, one of a kind and to many guests will prove to be a bridge that connects us to our roots and each other. It is a haven for ideas being inspired, tested and harnessed. As we continue to explore and celebrate its diverse miniature world of flavours, we savour the Soho House journey, appreciating not just the taste but the stories, memories, and traditions from house visits past and the guests of Brighton Beach House will get a sense of home, a place of belonging and exceptional hospitality.