Despina Nicola
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Despina Nicola

Ultimately, Despina’s life has been about evolution and growth she means by cultivating a better version of herself. Even though many may view assets or relationships, as vital, Despina, puts more emphasis on going inwards and enlightening the self, as assets or people can be stripped from you. She means, to “Be Brave, explore, and change what needs to, and create fulfillment.”

She grew up in Auckland New Zealand, and even though New Zealand had been virtuous to her, she had always had a yearning to visit her parents’ country, Cyprus. So in 1991, she journeyed, and what was meant to be a holiday ended up with her living there. She had a passion for the Cypriot culture and also influenced Cypriots by sharing her New Zealand background. What she has come to appreciate is that she has been blessed to have two wonderful homelands, New Zealand and Cyprus.

Leaving New Zealand met having to fend for herself by using the tools she had, which were a teaching degree and ESL training. She worked in various institutions like schools, universities, the oncology center and as well as an examiner for various examination boards. Then ventured out to open up her own successful business, an English Institute, which runs to this day, The English Centre CY.

Dwelling in Cyprus has had its ups and downs. By getting married she experienced the joys of being a wife and was gifted with two beautiful daughters. However, the marriage did not last and ended in a messy divorce. At this time she needed answers and alongside running her business and bringing up her daughters, she went back to university to get a psychology degree. It was then that she fell in love with psychology and since then has been a lifelong learner. She has done over 50 courses that relate to well-being as she really wanted to get support and be supportive of others.

In her search for answers through her divorce, she wrote two books Dare to Begin-The Process of Healing, and Enough is Enough- A Helpful Guide to Managing Addictions. They deal with relationships and addictions. She also became a life coach who focuses on well-being, relationships, and addictions.

She loves to write and is a published author for Meer and Cyprus Mail.

Life has led her to her passion which is learning, about human evolution. She has learned that growth is born out of resilience. Resilience excites her, as it uses the mysterious and powerful resources within every human. It gives the tools to overcome obstacles and evolve. However, she has also observed some people who feel stuck and struggle to overcome obstacles, even though they have been given identical opportunities in life to those who use resilience. She has made it her mission to walk shoulder to shoulder with those who are hurting, so they can find the courage to make the best decisions and find fulfillment.

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