As a life coach, my passion lies in guiding individuals through transformative journeys of personal growth. Witnessing my clients break free from old habits and limitations fills me with immense gratitude. Each cycle of overcoming obstacles and using tools to climb out of challenging situations leads to profound self-discovery and a more vibrant existence.

This can be done by exploring the concept of our life force and the three guiding principles of truth, beauty, and goodness, which can unlock an individual's highest potential and lead them to a life of purpose and fulfillment. Initially, clients experience gratitude for breaking free from old habits and limitations, such as impulsive spending or procrastination. They learn to bounce back from setbacks and dismiss negativity with resilience. I use many of the tools in the book "Coming Alive: 4 Ways to Defeat Your Inner Enemy, Ignite Creative Expression, and Unleash Your Soul’s Potential" by Barry Michels and Phil Stutz; it gives concrete tools to awaken your life force.

Although challenges may resurface, the continuous use of tools ensures a steady ascent. The effects may not be immediate, but with persistence, entire lives expand, transcending the impossible into the possible. By persistently fighting against self-imposed limitations, clients tap into life's limitless potential, and their problems become energizing catalysts for pursuing their aspirations.

Our life force and its principles

The life force is an incomprehensible and powerful intelligence that reveals itself through three transcendent principles: truth, beauty, and goodness. These eternal and unchanging principles organize existence and serve as guides to understanding our life force. Although often encountered as abstract concepts, their true significance becomes apparent when individuals consistently use learned tools to heal the past and witness their life force increase.

Truth: overcoming deceit and embracing clarity

One of the first steps in the journey of personal growth is facing and overcoming the lies we tell ourselves. These self-imposed limitations immobilize us and drain our life force, preventing us from fulfilling our potential. Embracing truth as a force requires more than just acknowledging it in our thoughts. It is dynamic, powerful, and capable of igniting a profound transformation within us. The pain that comes with facing the truth is essential; it reveals our flaws, failures, and the lies we've been living. By accepting this pain, we can embrace our pure potential and live in alignment with the truth, fostering integrity and giving our lives meaning and purpose.

Beauty: discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary

The concept of beauty, often distorted by our judgments, is the life force peeking out from beneath the surface of ordinary things. True beauty is available to everyone at all times; however, our judgment convinces us that beauty is limited to certain objects or people, creating a false version of it based on external appearances and possessions. Embracing true beauty involves looking with our hearts and perceiving the underlying beauty in everything. This form of beauty can inspire us to overcome limitations and live a life of possibilities. Although the journey towards embracing beauty may cause pain, it leads to personal growth as we take risks and fight against our limited beliefs. Beauty is not merely aesthetic; it must be reflected in the way we live our lives, leading to acts of kindness, forgiveness, and nobility.

Goodness: transforming evil into virtue

Our limiting beliefs seek to convince us that goodness involves eradicating all traces of evil within ourselves. However, the truth is that we all have evil inside us, and genuine goodness lies in acknowledging and navigating both aspects. Goodness is not an illusory state of purity; instead, it is an ongoing process of transforming evil into something positive. It requires taking action to counter inner evil and correct harmful habits that impact others. By persistently embracing goodness and using tools, individuals can experience profound changes in character, increased energy and productivity, and reduced stress. Goodness serves as a giving, considerate, and healing power, promoting unselfish acts that benefit others and lead to personal growth.

As a life coach, I assist individuals in unlocking their highest potential by embracing the transcendent principles of truth, beauty, and goodness. By facing and overcoming self-imposed limitations, discovering the beauty in ordinary things, and transforming evil into virtue, clients experience profound changes in their lives. The continuous journey of personal growth allows individuals to tap into the limitless potential of life, leading to a more vibrant, fulfilling, and purposeful existence. Embracing the life force and its guiding principles is the key to unlocking a whole new world of possibilities and growth.