These unprecedented times have entire families being buried under the rubble of earthquakes, floods are wiping out land and resources are running out. Not to mention different types of pandemics that have spread globally, and caused destruction and economic downward spiraling; bringing many countries to their knees.

Life has persecuted its inhabitants mentally, spiritually and physically leaving us in pain and depriving us of faith. So, why is this happening?

Logically, there is no answer. The why we live in so much pain, uncertainty and in suffering cannot be justified. What I mean is, why are we born into a world where we struggle to keep safe and only retains the species that are genetically fit to survive. This is not because it cares, but because the genes can endure. The physical universe isn’t concerned if we are in it or not.

Then others might try to make sense of it through the lens of new age and mysticism. Here I may ask, how does it justify a child of three years old dying because it was buried under rubble. The new age movement might say it was because the parents manifested the catastrophe by thinking negatively? I think not.

This is where I put my argument forth. I have made sense of the suffering through evolving spiritually. What if the reason we were brought here to this earth was to evolve spiritually and be creators like our father who art in heaven. Even though I do not understand the reason why the destruction occurs, by becoming one, with the spiritual inner world it has given me the ability to wash doubts away, mature and to evolve.

Albeit, it is difficult to trust our internal self because of the inner critic and faulty past beliefs anchored, yet, going beyond the beliefs and skepticism we access the spiritual world. This spiritual place is our shelter. It cares so much for our well-being that it allows us freedom to be ourselves. It does not force us to evolve because we are all born with free will, but it gives us the opportunities if we want to evolve.

By means of spiritual evolution you can find the place called home. Spirituality cares about you and it is the connection to God, or some call it the higher forces. You do not have to understand how this system works to benefit from it.

Understanding the system did not work for me, as I have come to see rationalism like a squashed bag, all my logic was crushed. An example of this is when I spoke to a man called John, who lost his business during the lock down, John couldn’t make sense of his pain. He said, “One day I was making thousands and the next I was begging my parents for money.” He referred to his life as, “all the king’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put me back together again,” his reaction was … fear.

This leads me to the shattering of old ideas. John could not get back up again he told me, if it wasn’t for allowing new spiritual ideas to beat old ones out. This was a time of deconstruction and reconstruction. John did not believe in God or the Higher forces at the time, I told him to believe in it and without putting logic to it. Because he had nothing left John entered the spiritual realm.

Whenever negative thoughts of his business and not being able to provide or protect his family came into his mind, he said the Ho’oponopono prayer which appeals to the divinity to help solve his problems. It allows the divine intelligence to step in. The prayer is as follows: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me and thank you.

To explain how he entered God’s system, by saying I love you, he felt God’s all-embracing love. I’m sorry was for not trusting in God’s plan. Please forgive me is when he forgave himself and released the world and trusted in the higher plan. Then thank you was for the chance to evolve and solve the problem.

John started to put his faith and skills in something way more powerful than himself, then the healings for his finances and other adversities manifested. He trusted in a spiritual future. He began to see problems in life manifesting and then himself evolving with each problem, he had the Ho’oponopono prayer to ask for help. As he solved each problem he evolved and climbed up another step. This step of evolving and expanding bought him one step closer to “our Father who art in Heaven.”

He started to see problems as growth and God or the higher forces as his solution. He followed his father’s footsteps and became a creator too. We do not know God’s plan. But I do know that we have the ability to create a better tomorrow. This explains it better and was taken from the book The Tools, Transform Your Problems into Courage Confidence and Creativity by Phil Stutz and Barry Michel.

An old rabbi was teaching his student about God’s creation of the human race. God labored carefully to create man in His own image. When He was finished, He looked at His creation but was unsatisfied; He’d wanted to create a being he could relate to, a peer. But man was lacking one key attribute that God had—the ability to create. So God made the earth and placed man in its challenging environment. Man was forced to create—build shelter, raise crops, invent the wheel. Now man had all the attributes of God. The student was confused. “Why did God go to all this trouble? Why not just give man creative powers?” The old rabbi replied, “That is the one thing that cannot be given.”

So, in my humble opinion we are sent on earth to become creators, just like our father. When faced with problems, we can access something more powerful than our dysfunctional memories. Our skills become limitless if we ask for help and expand our level of existence. John is rebuilding his life with his creator’s help. He is much more at peace with his life now that he can trust in something more powerful than him. As for why the earth is in suffering, there is no logic that can answer that question, the only thing I know is through humility each problem on our path can be conquered through accessing and connecting our creator’s solutions.