Imagine having extraordinary powers and using them to make a difference to the world. What power would you have? As for me, I would increase my confidence and assertiveness to deem that I could provide refuge for the crushed and spread love to all.

It’s understandable to find inspiration and fictional characters like the Flash, especially when they embody qualities and struggles that we can relate to. The themes of persistence, overcoming obstacles, and standing up to evil resonate with many people, regardless of the age. Even me at 53, dream of having some of his qualities.

Aptly, what makes a person into a hero? What I have observed from Flash is how he gets his act together. He is always taking steps to learn new skills; he finds new ways to make a positive impact on his community. In all episodes there is a constant struggle against the negative force, such as self-doubt, fear, or external challenges which are real and can be difficult to overcome. He faces different opponents who bring out the aforementioned and manages to gain victory.

I personally believe that many people are fighting their invisible negative forces daily, just like Flash. These forces emerge from nowhere, make them feel powerless and then blocks their access to live a fulfilled life. Unfortunately, many people are distracted from outside forces so they do not have to face struggles. It could be anything from self-gratification, laziness, feelings of discouragement or being stuck in past hurts. They fall into the consumerism trap instigated by social marketing and other media. They steer them away from their goals.

I personally get distracted easily; I am not usually ready for the unseen enemy. If I want to be at peace with everyone, to get in shape, or want to be debt free, I will then find myself saying a passive aggressive comment, eating that last piece of chocolate cake or buying something that I don’t need. This is my negative force. It stems from not being disciplined enough and stops me from evolving into a better person. The law of physics also states that unseen forces have the power to change the course of action. These forces are so strong, and I can compare them to being mugged, your tormenter throws you off when someone sticks a gun to your head, you will surrender to them.

One way to defeat these negative forces is to label them continuously. Practice mindfulness and self-awareness by paying attention when negative thoughts or emotions come up. Then without judgement learn to manage them in a healthy way. It could include techniques like journaling, praying, talking to a therapist or a trusted friend.

I have tried to understand Flash’s consistencies and grasped that despite the unseen forces he stays focused and manages to defeat the enemy. Even if he is a fictional character, there is so much to learn. Here are a few more traits that you may be able to learn from flash:

  1. Persistence: Flash never gives up even when the odds are against him. He pushes forward and finds new ways to overcome obstacles.
  2. Adaptability: Flash is always ready to adapt to new situations and challenges. He is quick on his feet and can come up with creative solutions to problems.
  3. Discipline: Flash is highly disciplined and committed to his mission. He knows what he wants to achieve and is willing to put in the work to make it happen.
  4. Teamwork: while Flash is powerful on his own, he also recognizes the value of working with others. He builds strong relationships with his allies and he is always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Another fact I observed is that Flash’s emotional state does not dictate the way he functions. No matter what is happening in the episode, like his relationships falling apart, people not believing in him, being tempted by material things, or good times he manages to stay focused on his mission which is to provide protection.

Like Flash, we also have the power to take actions and create a more positive future. Being a hero does not happen overnight. It is done by taking small incremental steps daily to train your mind to combat the invisible enemy, which is inside you. Our consumer culture has conditioned us to look outside of ourselves for solutions, leading to limited and joyless lives. Today’s conditioning only signals that the enemy is existent.

Yet, if we were to harness our lifeforce that speaks to us through events and moments of inspiration, we could tap into our superpowers or life force. This unveils our purpose and helps us to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

Connecting with the life force requires a willingness to its guidance, even when it seems unfamiliar or uncomfortable. It may require stepping outside of our comfort zones and committing to the time and effort needed to pursue our goals and aspirations. But by doing so, we can access a source of inner power and potential that can inspire us to achieve things we never thought possible.

To open the door to the future’s real potential, we must learn to shift our perspective away from the external situations and towards internal exploration. This is done by tapping into our spiritual and emotional abilities, such as giving and receiving love, listening to others, accepting that life will spring difficulties, but by practicing patience, we can create a ring of stones that holds in the fire. This will speed up the heat, allowing the flames of inspiration to grow and connect to the Lifeforce. It is important to mention that harnessing the power of the life force for personal growth is ot a quick fix or a one-time event.