For the first time in Italy the Queen and The King of Pop Surrealism will meet their public while signing their brand new books, “Lamb Land”and “Pinxit”new edition, at Dorothy Circus Gallery. They will also be presenting Marion Peck’s very new print release “The Isle of Joy”together with more than twenty of Ryden’s and Peck’s rare and very limited edition prints. Some of which are already sold out and can not be bought anywhere else!

With her very own style both ironical and fairy, enriched by her sublime pictorial technical, Peck takes us into a wonderful world full of mysterious solitude and deep introspection able to bring into light the deepest and most secret emotions for a result simultaneously heartbreakingly sweet and full of humour. Blending themes of pop culture with techniques reminiscent of the European masters such as Ingres and David, Mark Ryden has created a unique style that blurs the traditional boundaries between Classical and Pop Arts questioning mystery and bizarre by using old toys, stuffed animals or anatomical models images.

Come and let yourself be seduced by his infinitely detailed glazed surfaces associated to his social and spiritual messages.