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Sarai Sánchez Prieto

Sarai Sanchez Prieto is a graduate in two degrees in language, literature and language, being her focus of study the fields of Hispanic and English Studies. Due to her professional interests and the fact that she is the co-founder of an online cosmetics brand TARANIShop, her studies were directed towards Digital Marketing, so she opted for the American institution of The Wharton School of Business (one of the faculties of the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League institution in Philadelphia) and the DigitalMarketing Institute.

Likewise, since she personally feels very interested in the world of beauty and high fashion, she has studied several courses in style and luxury commerce among which stand out those given by the institutions of Università Bocconi (Milan) and the LVMH Möet Hennessy Group and its INSIDE Certificate course. For personal interest, and her philological studies, she has also studied languages such as English (of which she is bilingual with Spanish), German, French, Portuguese, Italian and the Arabic language (especially the filasṭiniyy dialect).

Her research and speaking experience includes participation in a seminar on Eurasian cavalry and feminism at her home university in A Coruña, Spain. Her presentation specialized in the female warrior figure in Alandalusi and Persian history and its unrealistic representation, white-washing and sexualization in contemporary mass media.

On this platform you can enjoy her various articles on Culture, Travel and special interest stories or opinion articles. Due to her specialization in both university degrees, her main topics of interest are culture and women's perspective on society, business, travel, feminism, friendship or couple relationships, mass media and female figures in history, among many others.

Some of Sarai's other personal interests are commenting on series and movies, traveling alone or with her favorite people, as well as cooking with her family and friends. Her favorite sports are horseback riding, baseball and taking long walks on the beach or in the mountains with her collie Koda. As an R&B and pop fan, she is a fan of artists such as Zayn Malik, Elyanna, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Fouzia and Lady Gaga, among many others. Among her favorite emerging artists is also Joel Sunny, a great violin soundtrack cover artist.

Finally, Sarai would love to travel as much as possible, meet new people to help her grow and learn about different points of view, as well as enjoy all that the world has to offer. She would love to work for a newspaper someday, as an opinion columnist, on a podcast, or as a participant in minority or community struggles.

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