I must say that even though Rome was a clear deception for me, the Vatican City made it all worth it. For the first time in my life, I understood all the writings and recommendations I had listed and enjoyed my whole life. It does not matter that you are not Catholic. The Vatican City will make you feel like a peasant, but in a good way.

I have always loved architecture. I am a big fan. Since I was a little girl, the Baroque and Renaissance have been my favourite movements; nonetheless, I was not ready for how I felt once I arrived there. I have seen the Vatican in movies, series, descriptions in history and architecture classes, and videos, plus the inspiration that authors take from this place for their fantasy novels. And I understand. It is true that this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You can see it in any video online; nevertheless, I cannot fully describe the feeling of entering the temple.

Once I put my feet on the Basilica di San Pietro, I felt ethereal, and even though there were hundreds of people in the place, I felt alone. This place is indescribable. The paintings, the sculptures, and the lettering are all over the place. Wherever you look around, you will find something completely stunning to look at. I studied the Vatican in history and art classes, and I agree with my teacher. This place is heaven on earth.

I was lucky enough to visit the city for work, and when they invited me to visit, I thought I would reunite with a long queue for just a tiny basilica. When you study art or architecture, you get used to imagining the building or the piece of art in your head, their dimensions, etc. But like with the Mona Lisa, dimensions are not what they seem. The place is enormous.

Allow me a digression for a moment and your interest if you are planning on going. I cannot believe there is no ticket to the best part of the Vatican: for free. The only thing I would suggest is that you do not pay for going to the upper story; you will only see a lot of tiny people, and you will not enjoy the building like if you just entered. Plus, they charge almost 30 euros, I believe! Look it up, but I do not believe it is worth it.

For lunch, I do not recommend any place nearby. Not even Pastasciuta; it just tastes awful. I do not know why influencers recommend that place. We chose different types of pasta, and they all tasted horrible. I genuinely recommend you purchase the Pam Panorama Hipermercato. It is the most affordable place I have found for food. There are a lot of them all over the city centre, but once you find one, do not hesitate to go and purchase something; you may not find another later, and you will regret it (I have been there).

Vatican City is a place I cannot describe. Even though I am not religious, I understand the feeling of inner peace everyone speaks about once they leave. The silence that was reigning there is something magical. Even when the mass started, I could feel chills. Places like this are both tragic and marvellous. The first is because of how they got the money to build such a wonder, and the second is because of how much beauty mankind can achieve. When I was seated, I remembered how much pain and suffering were the reasons the Catholic Church achieved earning all the money required for such a temple. The abuse of innocents afforded such a paradise on Earth, and if this does not make you think about religion and the use of spirituality for financial gain, I do not know what will.