Lilith is still, to this day, the original femme fatale. She is depicted as evil, lustful, and full of hatred towards every single member of the masculine population. Nevertheless, I have never read or listened to any podcast that explains why she behaves like this. Is she on her right to behave like this? Is she just in love with chaos? Are men and the major religions faking her character, or is there more to her story?

Lilith is, according to Christians, Muslims, and Jews, the first woman on Earth. Nevertheless, her story is the evolution of the story of Lilitu, a Mesopotamian goddess. According to Judaism, she was made with the same method as Adam; she was not part of him but his equal. She was not willing to be submissive to him, so she rebelled and decided to leave. She was not forced to, I repeat. May intellectuals affirmed, women, all of them, of course, that Lilith was and is still used for scaring women to submission: “Look! She was not following the rules, so now she is evil and hates everyone!” Guess what? “Slay queen.”

A perfect example of this is the demonization of sex before marriage. Canaanites used to not criticize the custom of women enjoining sex before marriage (repeat after me: virginity is a social construct), so Jews would hate them for it because, as always, they believed that women should marry “virgins” and have only one sexual partner for life. Nevertheless, Jews got inspired by the Cannanites after colonizing them and admitted Asherah (inspired by Ishtar), the supposedly wife of Yahveh, who would be eliminated from the Bible for ensuring the masculine domination of all Biblical and religious texts, to be the opposite figure of her. Lilith was punished, though, for leaving voluntarily to live through the deaths of all her children over and over again.

Since then, Lilith has become an icon for pagans and feminists from all over the Western world. Nowadays, since the 2000s, this goddess has become a symbol of freedom for many feminist communities. Because of the rising number of women who can read, study, and start their own research, women have noticed that being independent is one of the main pillars of their ancestral feminine energy, and now they seem to not be able to return to patriarchal standards.

This goddess is a clear conceptualization of feminine rage, empowerment, and independence. She is a misunderstood heroine who chooses her own destiny and path. Women of all ages are starting to reclaim Lilith as a strong female role model for the new age. They understand her as an inspiration and the guide for achieving freedom and power in their own sexuality, which is the worst nightmare of every man who walks on Earth.

The quote, “Women need not fear that if they become assertive and independent, they will no longer be "women,” but monstrosities, as men say Lilith became,” is no longer applicable because, in these present days, women are becoming everyday way more successful and happier with no man by their side, turning their interests to new experiences with their girlfriends, and starting new hobbies.

Being comfortable in their own solitude and being happy with expending time “no boys allowed" policy has helped women realize that, just like Lilith, you need no man to tell you what to do. And even if sometimes the path is too dark or difficult to follow, you are way more powerful to achieve whatever you would love to reach in this life. It is not about being delusional; it is about acknowledging your potential.