Since women around the world have decided to temporarily or permanently withdraw from the dating and casual sex trend, a new online world has emerged; apps for feminine advice or female digital communities. In them, you will find actual tips and experiences, laughter, and something very difficult to find lately: sisterhood.

In an era full of women tired of dating apps and to not feel loved and appreciated by men, partners, and their close ones (including women sometimes), the urge to look for new friendships and connections, or even just to know the opinion of another woman who may be suffering the same issue, anonymously, of course, is rising!

When I found this new trend, I could not resist myself and uploaded one. There are many on Google Play, so I will not name them. It is quite easy to find many of them; just choose one that resonates with you. Then there are many communities and topic chats where you post an issue and women from all around the globe can answer you, support you, advise you, and sometimes even make you laugh. Once I opened a chat by mistake, a group of women were crying because of the death of Baekhyun in Moon Lovers (2016), and I ended up crying too.

In these sacred chats, I have read about sex therapy, friendship toxicity, problems at work, solitude in love, family and friendships, wedding stress, and the best one for last: relationship advice. Because this is anonymous, this allows us to be completely sincere, and in the age of information, this quality is hard to find. This app only identifies you with a code and age that you define; no name is involved. You can see their age, and if they allow you, you can know their country.

I could talk with several women who, after years of being in love with their partners, noticed their husbands or boyfriends did not like them at all. I have spoken with young women like me who struggled to find a job after college (even though they were amazing in their faculty ranking), and the list goes on and on.

I genuinely believe that this community allows women from all over the world to ask freely about their issues and insecurities to other women who may be feeling alone just like them. The Internet has opened a new door for all of us now. How can we judge women tough? All of them have something in common: they have nobody to trust in their circles. And sometimes, even if they do, they do not feel comfortable opening up to them.

Many of these messages start with sentences like “Am I the Asshole?" as the popular podcast in the States, and guess what? Many times, I believe at least, they are the victims of their own environment. Culture and content affect every story, but the many times I have read of women desiring to get a divorce because they feel the cleaner and the assistant of the relationship instead of a mother and loving partner is so sad to me, and their friends and women in their life advise them to not say anything, to just wait until “a better time comes.” And I do not know about you, but I find it disgusting. Allow me to make this comment, but no wonder women do not want to get married anymore. Or how many times I have read “I think my friend is trying to seduce my partner,” which I find hilarious. Why not confront them? The reason they ask is because they are secretly scared of their partner liking their friend better. If this is your situation, I recommend you break up; living like that cannot be healthy, baby. Many other women agreed with me on that one, for example.

In short, I find these apps the best invention since a woman invented Wi-Fi and a man took credit for it. Have an amazing month, and love to you all! Be safe!