Everyone knows about Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, but what about the rest of the most wonderful places from the best country in the world? Let me guide you through one of the most fascinating and underrated cities in Spain, by a local.

A Coruña is one of the most important places in the world and still one of the most underrated and unknown colonial cities ever visited. My hometown is the setting on which great historical moments have taken place, as well as important monuments in the history of humanity. And to all this is added that this is one of the capitals of international fashion as it is the city that saw the birth of the Inditex empire at the hands of our neighbour Amancio Ortega.

The Spanish royal house, as well as many members of the international elite, come to A Coruña to enjoy pastimes such as sailing, horse riding or the beach, as well as the opera or fashion exhibitions financed by Ortega's heiress: Marta Ortega, new CEO of Inditex. In fact, in addition to the Spain-Germany summit of this past 2022, at Christmas of this same year, Marta Ortega has inaugurated one of the most exclusive fashion exhibitions in the port of this same Galician city. The inauguration happened with the participation of Naomi Campbell among other models, all in honor of one of the most influential photographers in the fashion world: Steven Meisel. Plus, we have been the setting place for the recordings of one of the best-awarded Korean dramas ever: “Legend of the Blue Sea,” with Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, which I had the pleasure to meet in the recording location. You will easily recognize all the places from the series in my city.

But now that I no longer have to convince you, I will mention all the places that I recommend you visit if you come to the north of Spain, and especially, this colonial city facing the Atlantic that was known by the Romans as “the end of the earth.” First of all, I would like to recommend you also to visit “La playa de las catedrales” and “Las islas Cíes” both highly appreciated by locals and tourists. My top ten places to visit is downtown: “Avenida de la marina,” “Plaza de la marina,” “Plaza de Lugo,” “Ciudad vieja,” “Paseo marítimo” and “Castillo de San Antón,” “Playa de Orzán” and the Riazor promenade, Millenium and San Pedro’s Mountain. And, of course: “Torre de Hércules,” the only Roman lighthouse that still works. I invite you to inform yourself about the open and free expositions the museums and some banks have for the public. A Banca hosted an exposition focused on ancient China, India and and Japan that was fascinating, and Marta Ortega brought and inaugurated a fashion and photography exposition last December 2022 that closes this May 2023, she inaugurated it with Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk among other top models, introducing Coruña as the new trendy city.

Other optional but great plans are the Aquarium, you can see how they feed the seals! And to get yourself into Captain Nemo’s mind and experience with their exposition for all Verne’s fans. You will love the sharks and all the Atlantic species you can learn about. Plus, you can learn about how sharks reproduce thanks to the real exposition for living shark babies!

In the Domus you can learn about the human body, the “Parque de Santa Margarita” and “Casa de las Ciencias” you can learn about astronomy, as well as “Jardines de Méndez Nuñez” you can learn about the colonial history of Spain, Santa Cristina and its beach, Santa Cruz and its castle in its island, and why not: the whole territory of Costa da Morte. If you like to enjoy some shopping, we recommend you to visit Marineda City, one of the greatest malls in all Europe. But if you are interested in one of the most beautiful Zara’s in all world we recommend you Plaza de Orense’s one.

Best museums? “Museo de Belas Artes” for art, “Fundación Barrié” for history, the “Parque escultórico” for Celtic arquitecture, “Jardines de Méndez Núñez” for colonial Spanish history and “Cementerio de San Amaro” for celebrating María Pita’s war victory against the British invaders. I recommend you María Pita’s Square too, the sculpture and the townhall are beautiful and to promenade through all the coast and you will enjoy the landscape of monoliths and other monuments, all for free.

Now, where to enjoy “pulpo” and “Albariño?,” Where to enjoy “arroz con bogabante y percebes?” Any “taberna” in Galera street will be perfect. Other recomendations: Art&Sushi for Japanese food; Ribanna’s for the best Italian ice-cream; La Pepita for the most original burgers with local ingredients; “Trocadero,” in Culleredo for the best “tortilla,” and Estrella Galicia Museum (MEGA) for one of the best beers in the world (we import to the fanciest bars in New York). If you want to try, upload The Fork on your phone, some restaurants offer discounts, and as many people upload the app, more restaurants will become part of it.

My favourite restaurants? Samaná Coruña and their “croquetas de gambas y puerros” or their “risotto de sémola de trigo con parmesano y trufa.” La Urbana Bar and its toasts, especially the one with salad, Spanish jam, goat cheese and mango. La Barbería and its gourmet menu. Alma Negra and their “croquetas de centollo” and its “cremoso de chocolate blanco con peta zetas de chocolate.” Mantelería 3 and their toasts, Barlovento and their burgers and chicken sticks, El de Alberto and their whole menu, KohLanta and their dumplings, Valentín and their “brochetas,” La Consentida Food & Soul and their currys and “crujientes” are also pure gold. Gloria Bendita is the perfect option for enjoying our hometown’s seafood. Herculina for its “brochetas” again, Indian style this time and Mamá Chicó for pizza.