Being and extrovert and eloquent is not enough to be considered a great speaker. Public speaking and being funny are not always enough.

These are the recommendations of and English and Spanish Bachelor as well as someone that speaks in public and at least once a month and makes constant meetings with business partners. These are the main points, hope it helps you achieve your whole potential. First, we will point out the facts for both skills: business writing and public speaking. But beforehand: prepare your best formal attire and create an interest in the presentation. The best way to feel empowered and confident to present a topic is to be interested in it. Also, practice your tone of voice in the mirror, you will thank me later.

First, know your audience and adapt the content of your presentation and the vocabulary of it so they have enough level to understand. Specially if you are having a meeting in the second or third language of your audience. We live in a globalised world and we need to acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of it. Read the room and focus on you audience: are they on the same page as you as long as you keep presenting? Imagine you are in the audience, what would help you to understand and follow all the points in the presentation? I would recommend you to take a storytelling course so you can elevate your skills on this subject.

Second, know your message and prepare yourself for questions, think like a reporter for preparing this last part. What is the goal of this meeting? Are you only willing to share information? Do you have to sell a new product? Do you need to explain a difficult concept of physics? Are you trying to create a great first impression? Are you trying to inspire new audiences to read, to buy your products? The answer to these answers will help you achieve conciseness and the confidence you need to present your topic.

Third, banish jargon, symbols, abbreviations and buzzwords. Keep it tight, make it plain and simple. And finally, proofread everything you write with several days in between so that you are not tired enough to notice mistakes. If you can make someone who knows about the field to read it after, the better.

Now for achieve your best writer alter ego: pay attention to detail, be clear and concise, learn some strong vocabulary, prepare a list of points to write about but be open to changes and, finally, of course, develop a new passion for reading and discipline yourself for writing over and over and over again until you love the result. First, learn grammar, to size up content, to research, to connect dots, to express ideas clearly, learn to imagine the headlines and the main points and count the number of paragraphs you will write before creating a draft.

These are the main competences you have to learn to achieve your greatest potential, hope it helps you to become aware of your own skills. Pay attention for the next articles regarding business and professional skills!