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Shamio Haque

It is a great privilege to be able to write, but sometimes it doesn't come as good, but it comes here and there and I don't want to lose it.

Apart from writing, I like to play my guitar, I am too poor to buy a piano. I am saving for other instruments. Time is getting short, I am 23 years old, I know I am kind of young but it is also has a dangerous thing to call yourself young because it has its own time limit. It's sketchy how routine is hard but you have to come out of your own pattern to see other things or try to approach it.

Besides, what I will try to come up with, is a novel, its hard, you have too keep the momentum through out of the journey interesting, otherwise Its bland like an oatmeal.

Short stories, umm, that also requires a bit of looking at a person and completely look at them according to their life and also to look that those thoughts with your own thoughts.

These things that I am explaining is already in the books written throughout the centuries, I am just borrowing them for a moment.

For authenticity, I am working on it. Here and there are somethings that are authentic but mostly now it is borrowed things for people, show piecing it with my approach and looking at is as a piece of art that is having its time.

Yes, I am optimistic , but fearful too ,and everything that you engage in with a deeper thought, responsibility, and all that crap.

But also trying to be open as much possible to let in other people, and their own vulnerability.

Apart from this, umm, its hot, India is a good country, you will have a lot of materials to write about because of the ugliness, and the sheer people living inside that ugliness. That is all. Hope if anybody reads it, it allows the possibility that I have struck a chord, that is all. Thank you for the time to put your eyes trough these lines.

Yours truly. Shamio.

And still its not 400 words. Whew, its hard, But you know lies is also there. I think a writer becomes truly true when he has had enough, just writing for the right reasons, to write and not sounding like a 80 year old when he is 23.

Ahh, my egos go wild, I know that, I am not trying to sound like anything, you decide what you make of it when you read. For me it's an art that sometimes I hate doing, but its with me, still now, don't know about the future.

Or do I? What is your future?

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