Shamio Haque
Joined WSI in July 2022
Shamio Haque

There is nothing interesting to write, I mean about myself. I am still making mistakes, cursing myself, and seeing myself as a stranger from time to time to see my own mind working miraculously within a given set of operations.

Writing came at a time when It should, it is a part of me that can express itself by not being shameful and critiquing myself.

I write to keep me functioning, and so does everyone. Everyone has their poison ready to dive deep into while taking responsibility for our own reality and pursuing with belief and uncertainty.

if I have to write about myself, I would start by saying that I am a naive individual, in the process of becoming an adult.

A strange process whatsoever. It has a lot of questions, there is no answer, but it's also fun by seeing things till the end.

My father spoke about the greats, Muhammad Ali, Pele, Ronaldo, Sachine, lots of others and told me stories about them.

It surely has a great optimistic view of all the darkness that engulfs a person's life.

Life as we know, it has a lot of blocks, DR. Jorden Peterson said that to grow your seeds of imagination inside your closed walls or something to show us the consequences of the things to withstand if it gets out in the world and you become a complete fool while standing in a remote place with your legs attached and you still go on, that's life. As hard it can get, and as easy it is for us to fall prey.

Besides all these intellectual thoughts, I like to play cricket.

Watched UFC matches and had fantasies about beating one of them. My favorite book will be "Man's Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl," it's a great book. It's about a doctor, surviving the concentration camp, and coming out with thoughts which should be experiences when reading.

And nothing else, I am dumb, that's it, maybe I need a girlfriend, a nice one.

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