A slow evening with the hatches all locked
smokescreen gathered their treacherous avenue
A Red aisle to sleep the head on it
to not think about it,
to not feel anything about it.

A slow evening with the hatches all open
guns in his hand
and a full moon in sight
the gates are closed for safety reasons
strokes of complete silence
the adventure of young minds creeping around
breasts and ass in mind
not only sex, but the connection attached to it

the light of the moon touches his forehead
a man with more than just a look
a clean shaved head
with a scar on it
an innocent face
with a numbness on it
a treacherous sight, to be held right
Suddenly he disappeared

I waited
I waited
a tight fitted sunglass
and two guns
the night has come alive with a moment of curiosity
he looks at me
I look back at him
what a moment, is he going to kill me? Or am I going to run away?
Or maybe even run at him at full pace
even I am a man that has his own intentions.
what to do?

The night has come alive
for him it's only a matter of time that the bomb will explode
to open the gateway of hell.
where hell to him is way too familiar
it's like the drunk guy banging his head on the walls of subway
tired eyes and a nosebleed of past exhibition

He looked at me and then went on his way!
I followed him.
"People disgust me, I am going to kill them all"
he uttered with a silence, and a firm grip on his guns.

Choices to be a good human
that people make everyday
just to avoid their strange desire to rape your wife
it's all there
to kill a man with his bare knuckles
it's all there
to cut the electricity supply
to have a romance affair in the middle of the office building
the ego has his own traumas than what I do
but it's all there
the look at the reflection to see that it's all there
nothing is spared only a need to be inside this despair.

He moved his feet towards the police station
gathered his smile
gathered his mask
gathering his soul to the point of no fear
no care
no lost chances
a figure of speech loses his value of what was there,
a man with glaring eyes
came to destroy his own destiny
trying his hands in the flames of his own creation

He moves swiftly,
reloads his guns,
gracefully looking at everybody
towards a society where he is lost in his own rhythm
a dark place
he clocks his fingers on the trigger

everyone started shouting rather than watching
I watched it all, nothing more than an event
people are dying one by one
with a man at his peak of craziness and the shelter of his own demise

the laugh
the satisfaction
the rage
his soul departs

he has now become crazy,
he has lost it,
there he goes with his own faults and cry
He cried when the last bullet pierced the leg of the police officer who was guarding the citizens
it is finished now,
he was captured with a handcuffs, and media, and other curious humans,
he was captured by the national tv, an example of what an evil man looks
what a man is capable of, of what evil he brings to the peace of others,
who just lays around with a drenched soul of everyday life
some learned about the days of unattended notice
some learn about what not to do to go through life as a cow
some learned about the fascination of their own solitude
some learned about the uneasiness that is left in by his action
some learned about a part of man that is always there

All was over, a pain subsided and a man went about his day till the end.
I went back home.