Man, a responsibility, an oblivious state that has no definition, a change to how we see life, a blue bird singing, An oppressor oppressing the oppressed. The oppressed waiting for his chance, the power has the demands, the father looking at his child, the tyrant keeps going on, the poor, the rich, the nobody, the somebody, you, me, everyone. Man taking steps with courage, hopelessly wandering between his own fantasies. Building blocks for the future, looking at his past, depressed, looking at the present, inside a bus with other men, and taking the route to someway that he hates, loves.

Man, men who came, men who will be coming to show their gifts in a form of total craziness. Will have the courage to speak the truth, lay his ideas in a thoughtful manner, and will see the better in this crazy world. Men, in prison, are the same men who go for a day job, just different circumstances, making different decisions, eating his own pain and suffering, all the same, quietly, because that’s how we become a man. The pursuit of something with silence, a thing to keep us on the path.

Man wanting solitary, wanting to be alone, seeing the world in a way that he can only describe to himself. What a creature man is? Right? In the pursuit of this total chaos that manifests a vision for the future, trying to be in the present moment at all times, failing, rejected, getting laughed at. A human grows up to be a man, a character, his actions, the way he looks, and the way he speaks. A monster in a cave, sitting with no food, always on the alert, always in the pain, always in suffering, with all this going on in the brain, he behaves. Takes chances, takes risks, fails, and wins, all together with a bottle beside. He opens it to smell the intensity that grabs hold, time goes on and he has to keep being the man that he has promised himself to be. otherwise, there are consequences that only he knows could destroy everything that he has to build up to be something.

Tough, even thinking about it makes me give up, the weight of the word itself is frightening. Man! A tough act, maybe if I keep on this act, eventually I will be a part of the act, and the act will vanish, and I can become a …. you know!

A man, somewhat I thought is my father, my father was a tough soul, now has changed to be a soft man that needs the help of his surrounding. The love of his children, the faith of the world and he awaits to die, to end it all. To see me prosper, to see my mother in the process, and to be done with this burden of keep being a man.

A man, a beautiful species, needs no one, can endure pain, can endure suffering, can kill millions, can save someone from dying, and yet it is being questioned as I see around the world about how a man should behave. How a man should act, and how much money a man should earn. Is society making us do things? Are females becoming too hard to get? A man will always have a question that has no answers, that has no hopes in the direction that he has taken, but he will still purge on to be able to die peacefully, not have regrets and be content with himself that he has worked his hardest on the believes that he had on himself.