From the ashes comes out a man with a hat on
an old face with winkles on it
with it he comes with dust around his coat,
he dusts it off, with his glaring eyes of youth, he looks at the road ahead and took small steps of authority.
one eye is white as pearl and the other one is pitch black
one has life on it, and the other just looks at you like a black hole getting a grip on you and pulling you inside of a story of uncomfortableness
he looks straight at you with a moustache on, with a scar on his cheeks and a look of a man who is speaking of life that is not yet been exhausted
a man of various colours

From the ashes comes out a man with a wisdom by his side
he says
there is a superman waiting at every man's side
a superman nietczhe talks about, and it's real
the man with his hat says to a child who just looks at this man with great intent,
he laughs at a face of life that is yet to see what he is saying , so he moves on to the next person
a person of around 26 years old.
what is true for you is that, to not believe in the cycle of a bullshit idea of keep on believing
it's the ashes that you need to go down upon willingly because there is so little life left off of you that you are not even concerned about
you are concerned about it, but the darkness that grips you with anxiety is all that has you, you have so many questions of the path and answers too, but those question has done a heavy duty and so you are now a cripple
reality is a much larger spectrum of so many possibilities that you cannot even comprehend to try to figure it out
but as you are now it always seem too late
if you are going to die why not now
the person of 26 years old cried his tears
and the man with the hat on knows that yes, for him it seems its too late for him
for him its the spiritual battles of so many thoughts about his mother, father, his own images of ashes that is calling the down fall that is needed to be a superman.

He then moves forward to the next guy who looks back at him and smiles
he is already winning it seems, the man with the hat on smiles at a kid of 21 year old
a good body, a great teeth, a look that has life in it, and a cycle of right and wrong that looks alright to leave it all alone
all the other men looking at this kid and thinking their own kinds of thoughts
a superman is needed not to show others that you came out of your own delusions, you came out of your own down going and having an approval of a life that seems bearable now is all foolish
a superman is needed for building a character that should be in your arsenal.
A character
To penetrate your own kind of answers to your difficult situation
a superman is the spiritual being of a soul that is free, kind of free, because he always yearns for freedom, but always is a step away and looks for something deeper
the creator, the artist and the art that involves with his life is the answer of sort that he could come out
a superman is that form of an ego that has an openness to penetrate the uncomfortable path to his existence
a superman is needed for you to stop crying
a superman is your salvation, that is silent as a river yet waves of destruction has his will that keeps on the flow of energy

the man with the hat on, sits at the chair of great view
a long stretched out ocean and hurdles of people all living with this giant ball of existence
taking energy from it and keeping their heads down to rest because they all know the uncertainty that comes along with their freeness
and then again being alone with all of them together and the wisdoms that pops in his own head is all thoughts that grabs you by your wits
and you sit beside your ego telling you things

an ego who has it all figured it out, all the paths that is needed to be taken
all the stories of different kind of lives and its nothingness.
and the unconsciously letting off your conscious thoughts and going for a ride in your own mind that has space, that has a galaxy, and a time that is stretched past in various phenomenon of lives that you have invented a time machine
here you can see a little guy peeping at the corner of your mother getting beat
seeing your own paths that you have taken and giving you answers about your individual soul that needs replenishments
like a psychologist giving a peep into your own minds and its workings and your personality, and the craziness, a chaos of darkness and images of different thoughts where your emotions are all aligned with the truth,
a truth that has your life involved
and also seeing images of a child all alone, all is left is the ceiling of a broken walls
your unconscious also takes time out of you and leaves you to ashes and breaks you apart to tell you that your conscious is not yet evolved
and all of sudden you are all empty
no thoughts
no recollections of the images that was giving you everything
no feelings of a knowing wise old man
only a guy waiting by the side of an ocean and looking at people, like a child with his curiosity.