John is an alcoholic
he lives with his mom, always having a fight like couples during the night
he comes with his weird stories of what is going on and what will be happening in terms of all aspects that you can think of
the police car is not after you, they are the law abider that is abiding their own kind of law that binds us all together
yes john,
some days he lays in the street and comes to terms with his own dilemma and cries
you know, I had it enough, it's time to move on, it's time for my life to get to a better shape than it has ever before
yes john,
then all the ladies go past him and he sits with his half crooked eye and looks at them with his found lust
all the marketing boards of numerous businesses trying to get a hold of us, we are clever but getting
manipulative at the same time, we are not who we are
yes john,
he is a 26 year old man looks 40, acts like a genius with his own sense of problems and has a way that you will not like
john and his way to live a life that from time to time I see it from my window
a sunny day with him running past another man who lives with him and discusses all sorts of things that you just listen and not think about it
you know why we fight with our family and not with others? John said
no john,
it's because they are the only one that can be fought with, they are in our heads for far too long, sometimes I want to kill my mother, I have no father so I don't know how living with your father feels like, but family is a bullshit idea of staying for far too long after giving us birth
yes john,
no no no, the other guy interrupted
a father is a guy who rules us for far too long, that bastard, never gave me any freedom to live, was always roams in my head to whatever I thought is best for me and he questions that best, its all in my head roaming like a ghost telling us the realities that they pose on us and not giving us any freedom
yes yes,
they go on, with their own answers and questions, and you step out and think about the truth and the world living inside the truth and the people who you come up with that has their parents imprints on them that they don't even know what that has done to them
parents and their idea of a life, and our own idea as an individual seems to be like a god fight with no words
a battle that needs to comes with terms with your own sense of living and dying at the same time
the point is that when I see someone that likes their parents I just don't know how it came to be, its all quirky and weak, you don't have a soul
yes john,
the hot sun and the hot bottom of a girl that goes past us each time john says something
I look at them, they don't look back at us,
it's a shame of a youth I think,
I stood up, walked up to that girl, introduced myself and got a cold shoulder
john said
it will never happen, she will not have sleep with you, rather I will not sleep with you,
yes john,
I went back to my own parents and watched john through the window of shades that needs the curtains to block off the harsh afternoon
yet I kept it open and fought with own mother for a while and went out to have a beer.