Tania Bunic

Tania is an entrepreneur from London, mostly known for her London lifestyle blog that allowed her to travel the world and create a strong growth mindset. Tania puts an emphasis on personal development and self-love as a key to creating and attracting the most amazing life.

In addition to her blog, Tania founded a sustainable resort wear brand in Bali, as well as a small digital marketing agency where she was blessed to spend the entire pandemic.

Now Tania resides between Cyclades, London and her childhood home in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia. Tania didn't have an easy childhood due to being born just before Yugoslavia fell apart and a civil war that broke out as a result.

She moved to London at 17 to pursue studies of English language, Bachelor in Business and Masters in Marketing. Tania's studies allowed her to start her blog as a dissertation project and turn it into a self-sufficient business that allowed her to invest in her clothing brand and a digital marketing agency that she privately runs today.

Having come from a struggle and collapsed country, Tania used her energy to self-learn, realise and fund her life through alchemising fear into opportunities, love, abundance, and joy. Learning how to unlearn scarcity childhood programs and turn them into an abundant mindset is her biggest achievement to date, and is extremely excited to share the biggest lessons that helped her get there.

Personal development and healing are not always the most comfortable but the awareness that comes from pushing boundaries, consistency, and growth set Tania on a new life trajectory that she wouldn't swap for anything else in the world.

Tania would love to share lessons, tips, and tools that helped her live a location-independent lifestyle filled with freedom and gratitude with hopes to inspire a reader to follow their intuition to a better life as it was intended.

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