Some say it's easier said than done. I already love myself and need no routine to prove that. The truth is when you love yourself there is no need to prove anything to anyone as you already stand strong in your love and truth.

No job or boyfriend loss can shake you out of the alignment because you can see it is not a good fit for where you are headed. You see it as not aligned versus needed to fill your happiness. When your cup is full you need little from the external world to make you happy. The job we do, the apartment we live and the friends we have do not determine our worthiness.

When that friend leaves you may feel sad but you know that is for your higher good and there is no dwelling on it but pure acceptance and love for them creating space for bigger and better things to enter your life.

You determine your worthiness, the way you truly feel about yourself, the way you accept yourself, and the way you love yourself. Not the house you live in, the trip you went to, the designer clothes you wear. The energy that is pure as love within you determines your worth and we all have it within us.

Sadly lots of us forgot and we smeared it with a need to be validated and accepted by society. When it is the truth it all starts within, when that worthiness is strong with you society will start looking for your approval. They will start wondering what is she doing, how did she get there and so on? But we stand unbothered because our cup is full and the work on keeping our energetic hygiene clean is a daily practice.

It all starts with an intention and routine. An intention to do better by yourself and a routine to make it happen.

I want to share a few easy ways that you can start filling your cup with love for yourself and moving away from the external approvals to the true source of love that may or may not lie dormant within you.

Start observing how things make you feel

How did that scroll-down Instagram feed rabbit hole make you feel? Happy, confident and joyful or anxious and envious? If later it's time to do some housekeeping and clear all that don't bring joy. We've all been there with Regina Georges trying to send the vibes that she is in a better place than us. She can only do so if we allow her. If you are scared to unfollow because you know them, then the mute button will become your friend.

Trust me when I say I muted 70% of the girlsI follow mostly because I met them when I was in low vibration non-loving self and their energy simply don't align with me. They have done nothing wrong and I appreciate their contribution to my growth but if there is no joy when I look at them I simply don't look anymore.

Removing yourself from situations that don't bring joy is the most important step in your journey to strong self-love.

Start today and make an inventory of all that is draining your beautiful energy and slowly with love put an end to it.

Stop comparing yourself

Comparison is the biggest slippery slope to darkness. If there is ever a place where we are comparing to another, it's time to cut it out. Firstly we never know the internal states of these individuals.

Worst of all, most of the time we compare our start to someone else creating success and even though the feeling of knowing that this isn't right, we still do it. So why do we?

It's an addiction that our thoughts conditioned our brain to help the body create. The only way it can be stopped is by changing the thoughts we think to a more self-loving and progressive. This will help recondition our brain to create new pathways. Once the brain is on board, the body follows with new habits and this is where routine comes in handy.

Practice daily

First thing upon waking up, hydrate your body and sit down and spend time with yourself. Talk in a way where you make yourself seen, loved and accepted and judgent-free. It indeed may take some time to fully step in love however, daily commitment to it in small increments will make a big difference in time to come. The test I like to take to see how far I’ve come is to walk up to my mirror and look myself in the eyes and say I love you from the bottom of my heart. Then I take a moment to see how comfortable I feel about what just happened.

The level of comfort clearly shows how strong I stand in my love and I see every small progress as something to celebrate.

Small steps towards a big goal ensure success and I highly recommend this approach.