My biggest motivation and staying consistent in my self-love practice is in the knowing that this energy will ripple out into the world. I find so much joy in knowing that by focusing on improving ourselves we can improve the world. It starts small but the ripple effect moves fast and the more consistent we are the bigger it gets.

If you have compassion toward yourself, then you will have compassion toward any individual that comes within your reality. You will have compassion for tests that are placed upon you and you will also have compassion for every other human that is going through the same.

Isn't it such a beautiful realisation to know how much power we already contain in our bodies to make such change? Isn't it easier to direct the energy towards improving yourself and knowing that this improvement will affect firstly the close circle around you, making it bigger with the consistent energy you fill it with each time?

On some days when the compassion is not showing up, I direct my attention to gratitude. Being grateful is such a catalyst in changing the vibration from negative into positive and it's my go-to every single day. It's so much easier to build up to love and joy from a place of gratitude.

Following up with my daily gratitude practice helped me shift many big milestones in my life, including soul clients and location independence. There is something about being free to live and travel the places that once you could only imagine. It's truly incredible to realise the power we all possess starting in our minds and then manifesting in our reality.

Learning to trust intuition was also another big catalyst in living a free and compassionate life. Once things that would push me to react negatively are now mere opportunities to recognise when another persona or situation needs healing. I love to see these with compassion as once you have gone through it yourself, it's important to send good energy to those in need.

Separation from ego and low vibrations feelings such as envy, jealousy, pain, and anger truly catapult us to a better place. At the moment when these feelings arise, I like to take a deep breath and ground myself in the present moment by feeling my body and my feet firmly on the ground. Then I start feeling gratitude for how far I’ve come and the low vibrational feelings I’m experiencing at that moment are mere projections of the areas in my life I need to send love. I celebrate moments like these and see them as a light shining bright on all the parts of myself that need more love and compassion.

After all, how I feel within myself is always the strongest foundation to get me where I need to be. Journeying up to higher levels of consciousness comes with so many benefits as long as we are willing to separate from the need to see the results right here and now. To allow yourself to flow with love and compassion, to allow yourself pressure-free decision making, to allow yourself the freedom to choose love is the best gift to yourself.