We've all been there, a loud voice in our head that controls how we view ourselves and our life. The voice that keeps on buggering one on not doing things that spark joy in life as perhaps it may upset someone they know or worst the society. Society teaches us that love is hard and happiness requires hard work. Do you agree with this? If so this article may shed some light on how to change your perspective and eventually your life.

When I learned that love and happiness are my birthrights everything changed. For starters, I stopped seeking it outside of myself. Building practice and routine didn't come without obstacles but I'm going to share a few easy ways that can help change how one views life.

We are not our thoughts. Repeat after me, I’m not my thoughts. We can not think and observe our thoughts at the same time. According to Joe Dispenza's book, ‘You Are the Placebo’ “Thoughts and feelings come from past memories. If you think and feel a certain way, you begin to create an attitude. An attitude is a cycle of short-term thoughts and feelings experienced over and over again. Attitudes are shortened states of being. "

Knowing that if we can change how we view our memories, we can change our attitude. The shift in perspective can indeed alter our future. Believe me when I say I have done it time over and over. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it does require thought reprogramming, consistent commitment to meditation and choosing again method. Strong self-love practice makes it much easier to achieve as when we are in the state of love we are in our natural state.

Here are some simple ways to fall in love with yourself. As you move throughout each day start incorporating the below practices to set free the old ways of thinking and make ways for new. Reconditioning the mind that likes to separate from love is so pleasurable and as you climb through the new levels of awareness, there will be no going back. This is where you'll find magic and power to create any life you want.

Learn about yourself and fall in love

Journaling is the best way to connect to yourself on a deeper level and truly get to know your soul. I remember at my beginning journal days where I would start with a question Who am I - and all that would come out is things that I do, my job, my hobby, and what I eat. I truly had no idea who I was and where I was heading. Little by little I allowed words to pour through to my journal pages where I truly met the person I am and fell in love with her. I started cherishing these moments where instead of grabbing my phone and heading to Instagram the first thing I woke up, I'd grab my journal and start writing my soul's conversation with me. This is such a beautiful practice to uncover what lies beyond the programming that society placed upon us.

Start accepting yourself to deepen the love

There is no light without a shadow and every human experience comes with darkness. it's our job to break through it by choosing light. By committing to love and growth. By committing to self. Don't get swayed away by the dark days of your life and see it all as a beautiful lesson that was assigned to you to transmute to love. I love to repeat Lousie Hay's affirmation right after my journal practice and throughout the day.

I fully love and accept myself

I'm so grateful

Gratitude is the attitude, I'm sure you've heard this. Writing gratitude lists have shown to increase oxytocin and feel good vibe. I start by thanking my warm bed, water, first cup of coffee, a new day and opportunity to start over again and the list goes on and on. You would be so surprised at how far you've come and all that you accomplished if you start incorporating gratitude practice for yourself. I love how I feel about myself right after and it puts me in the best mood for your days.

Body movement

Sometimes body movement can be overwhelming to so many of us, especially if we think of going to the gym. But trust me when I say that this will increase your happy hormones and self-love that much quicker. I used to find it hard to regularly exercise and instead of putting pressure on myself, I started off with gentle breathwork and meditation followed by a dance in my room. Nobody is there to judge you and this is such a beautiful practice to incorporate daily. You will feel incredible after.

I have been undertaking somatic therapy which essentially is body movement to release stuck energy and having this as a daily practice will help remove traumas and blocks from one's life.