I have been working for myself and running my own business nearing 10 years now. The decision to run my own business stems from my childhood when I always found entrepreneurship to be so exciting. From me collecting and selling glass bottles as a nine-year-old, to Avon rep at 14 and to now running my own 6 figures soul-aligned business and living a CEO lifestyle. I know all the parts of myself I had to improve and unblock in order to attract the success I’m living today.

Success is so subjective and it could mean a lot of different things, from just money to some people to a more free creative lifestyle to others. Truth be told I love a good balance between the two. My freedom however always takes precedence.

What does it mean to have a soul-aligned business

A soul-aligned business is a business that merges with your lifestyle, it becomes an integral part of your self-love routine and the drive that progresses you forward. There is a switch from how can I make money quickly to how can I help others to feel good and successful with my product and services.

There is a lot of energetic tuning and unblocking when it comes to growing a soul-aligned business however, the best news is that you will grow with it. The lines are blurred between chores and lifestyle choices and the main focus is on bettering yourself and therefore your surroundings.

I come across many people that feel intimidated by the word business and starting their own. I truly believe that this comes from the school programming that we as kids didn't have so much say in whether we wanted to take part in or not. All the lessons are so joyless and complicated that no wonder we feel intimidated. I started my blog as a part of my master's thesis, truth be told there was no research I could draw from since everything was so behind. I couldn't learn SEO as part of my master's studies or how to create content. I did however learn some basic principles such as time and project management, swot analysis and how to research.

Having said that, was £15k per year worth the knowledge is massively debatable. I’m still taking courses and learning since the university programs are behind in my field but they did give me a nice foundation and I’m sure I’m more successful because of it.

I have noticed the most progress in my business when I assessed what I truly wanted to do, aligned with value add to others' approach and showed up as my authentic self. Where I lacked in strategy I’ve learned from others that have achieved what I’m looking for through their content and courses. I started 1on1 coaching with women that I admire in the industry and I set myself goals to dream bigger and fill my days with decisions that will make me grow.

It wasn't so surprising to me when all of a sudden the universe started aligning me with people that are on the same trajectory as me and I started growing so much more across the board. And the most amazing thing is that I have fun and feel fulfillment from my businesses as I’m surrounded by soul-aligned clients, customers and associates.