So many of us for many reasons dread travelling solo. Whether it be fear of being alone so far from home, no one to hang out with or simply for safety reasons. As someone who had the same mindset and despite all fears decided to travel solo for longer than 5 years, I can confidently say that solo travel has the potential to change your life.

What prompted me to solo travel is finding it hard to find correct and aligned people to travel with. It's not a secret that nothing shows you the real side to people like travelling or living with them. Travelling with my long-life friends showed me how much I changed and how hard it became to align with the old parts of myself. As much as I love every person that I travelled with, after all, they turned out to be the biggest teachers and propellers of my self-development. All I had to do is see them as such and choose to learn from each experience no matter how hard it might have been.

Solo travel gives you newfound freedom to go wherever you want, to experience all you ever wanted and most importantly to get to know yourself and your own energy on a deeper level. Once you are familiar with yourself and know your own low and high triggers your life will change. No longer will you give your power away or make time for what doesn't feel good for your soul. Before you know it, you will find yourself enjoying every single day of your life. For some this is a challenge, best believe that I know as it was for me.

Where to start solo travelling if you never solo travelled before?

First and foremost identify your fears. What scares you the most if you all of a sudden find yourself in a place far from all that is familiar to you? This could be walking alone at night, food that you can eat, emergency situations and so on.

Once identified, I would then make a list of all places that I always wanted to go to. Places that are safe or that will not cause the identified fears. Europe is truly the best place to start as it's really safe, has so much cultural versatility and great infrastructure.

Once you nail down the location, go on and write a list of all the things you dreamed of doing in that country. Or simply and I love doing this, just go without a plan and wander the streets. Let the universe surprise you and take you places where you need to be. Wonderful things can happen on solo trips as long as you are open. I also love to use my intuition which I always listen to, to tell me if I’m in the right place. This keeps me safe and excited at the same time.

The goal is not to get overwhelmed on the first solo travel. Even if all-inclusive at a favourite beach destination will make you feel comfortable, simply go for it.

Before you know it, once you are home, you will find yourself booking your next adventure and slowly advancing your solo trip adventures. Once you learn more about yourself outside your day-to-day comfort zone you will come to newfound confidence.

This confidence no matter how small or big will affect other areas of your life and this is the goal. After all, our journey on the planet Earth should be as evolving and enjoyable as possible.

It will be with a little guidance and redirection.