Mahrukh  Sanai
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Mahrukh Sanai

Mahrukh Sanai is a freelance writer and graduate in biology.

She has worked as a medical technician and worked writing for academic journals. She completed her formal education as an alumna in biotechnology.

Later, she started to work in the allied health sector. She has a keen interest in health, science, microbiology, and genetics.

She ponders over the marvels of nature and the mystery behind it. She likes to read short stories and novels.

She is an avid reader and loves to read about the history of the world and subcontinent particularly. She loves Chinese and Desi Foods while dining outside.

She started working as a freelance writer and has written for various online journals. She has worked as a freelance blogger and writer where she writes about health, fashion, current affairs, and shopping.

Currently, she is working as a content writer in a marketing company. Her main topics of interest for writing include current affairs, world news, religion, science, and gender issues.

She dreams of an equal world for women and children. We need a world free of racism and hatred and wish peace and prosperity for people all over the world.

Together, we can create a beautiful world for all where all people get the chance for a happy and purposeful life.

I have a keen interest in literature and read novels by both English and Urdu writers.

I mostly like fiction and romance series. Also, I am a lover of nature and like to explore new places that are free from -noise and crowded city life.

Mostly, I like the northern areas of Pakistan and consider them one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I love to travel to explore nature and the beautiful world of Allah.

Also, loves visiting arts, cultural works, and museums. I like to visit museums showing historical monuments and the history of the world, particularly the subcontinent.

Believe that the people of Pakistan and the subcontinent are multicultural and beautiful. Also, love to visit the cultural and historical places of the local city Lahore.

I am fascinated by the arts and history of our region and sad how the ancient heritage got perished over the period of time.

Wish to let the world know people are not terrorists and are just violent as a result of governance injustices and crimes.

I wish freedom to all the people who are wronged in Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ukraine. But feel it is just a dream to see the world peace and justice for all.

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