As many newlyweds are forced to cancel their wedding due to the pandemic, New Year will be filled with wedding celebrations. Thanks to vaccines, social distancing and masks have started (via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), but now we face a whole new dilemma: which wedding dress to buy. After stocking our closets with tracksuits and active wear all year round, it can seem strange to dress in Sunday attire. Picking the perfect dress that will make you look effortlessly sexy (without overshadowing the bride, of course) and be comfortable enough to dance at the party is a mammoth task.

But no fear! We're here to assuage any lingering outfit worries. Professional stylist Donna McCulloch urges guests to "do whatever it takes or go home to make the most of your belated wedding celebrations"; through the picture. Choose a summery bridal look by replacing heavy fabrics like velvet and tweed with light and flowing ones. With the help of some fashion experts, we've compiled a list of the best wedding guest dresses, ranging from casual garden party dresses to cathedral fashion that will have you saying yes to a dress. Summer weddings no longer have to choose between comfort and style.

Hillhouse Home Women's Health Magazine assures us that with the Ellie Nap dress we no longer have to choose between comfort and style. The dress in question was designed to be comfortable enough to even take a nap in. This 100% cotton dress is 1000% flattering with an A-line design, elasticized ruffles, gathered shoulders and a layered midi skirt (via Hill House Home).If you're looking for a chic, casual option that will make other attendees think you're in a Marc Jacobs perfume ad, look no further than this hybrid piece. Another comfy option that we and brides are obsessed with is the multi-coloured floral halter neck maxi dress from Lulus. The retro design features a vintage silhouette, braided waist, ties, and orange, yellow, and green accents (via Lulus).

The lightweight chiffon fabric and open back will keep you cool at any outdoor ceremony. Tobi's chief stylist Joanna Angeles calls the halter and halter neck styles "flattering and perfect for warm summer nights"; (via InStyle). Choose a matching Fleur Real Green Multi Floral Print Pony Hair Bandana to complete the look. Take a risk with fabric, colour or print at summer weddings. Net-A-Porter There's less pressure at weddings with a small guest list, so take this opportunity to take a chance. Designer Cate Pope advises guests, "Forget cashmere or bohemian and opt for unexpected fabrics and interesting cuts" (via InStyle) like Gabriel Hearst Greil's maxi dress. A black leather bralette, cut-outs at the waist and a flowy cotton maxi skirt (via Net-A-Porter) are the perfect recipe for a "strong, confident, modern look."

Now that lockdowns have been lifted, people are getting out to soak up the sun and longing to get changed again. But if you're used to black tracksuits and a heather grey tee, finding cute summer clothes can be daunting. The key to designing a summer wardrobe is to use bright, saturated colours. Colours associated with summer sun, fruit, grass and the sea are great additions to your summer wardrobe. Overall, you can't go wrong with jewel-toned colours this time of year, and warm tones are a particularly good option for summer. This really happened to Diane Sawyer According to Who What Wear, tangerine is one of the hottest colours right now. An auspicious colour in many cultures, marigold is a vibrant orange-yellow that's particularly on trend this summer (via The Economic Times and Pantone). Cherry red or a slightly darker caramel apple red are also delicious this time of year (according to Newtess and Love to Know). For those celebrating their birthday in July, wearing red is particularly appropriate with jewellery featuring a ruby birthstone. Try tropical-inspired pops for summer.

Her main colours that dominated New York Fashion Week were Kelly Green, Burnt Coral, Raspberry Sherbet and French Blue (mid-royal blue). London Fashion Week, on the other hand, was dominated by an abundance of blue tones reminiscent of a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. These colours include Beach Glass (a bright turquoise colour with hints of green), Indigo Bunting (the colour of an indigo flag), and Atoll Blue (a light lagoon blue). According to Who What Wear, certain neon pinks and yellow-greens are trending this summer, including bubble-gum pink, magenta, tennis ball yellow and grey-green. colours that generally work well in summer are lemon yellow, fuchsia, and royal blue (via Love to Know).

For those who prefer to wear more muted colours, the good news is that pastels are well past spring. Look for more saturated and bolder versions of pastels. Colours like Purple Rose (purple hue) and Amethyst Orchid (deep lavender) are great examples of pastels that are perfect for summer (via Newtess). Other pastel shades to look out for in include sky blue, antique rose, mint green, Tiffany blue, and pastel yellow (from Marie Claire, Newtess, and Pantone). Mix colours for summer outfits. I hope you will like to revamp your wardrobe this summer.