Israel has started fresh attacks on the Palestinian territory for a few months. Now, the major American politicians, media houses, and journalists show the attacks of Israel as a response to attacks on four Israeli cities by Hamas fighters.

Well, this is a common explanation that the Palestinians hear from time to time. The Palestinians are simply defending their right to exist on land that has been their home for generations through centuries and being branded by Israel and American allies as hateful, violent, and illogical people.

Behind the structure of fanciful Israeli and Euro-American philosophies, fraudulence, and false narratives from history lies the harsh reality of settler colonial conquest. Israel has launched this attack like it did so before and it will find similar reasons for their future attacks. The state of Israel is built on the basis of settler colonial authority.

The chief idea rooted at the core of the Israeli state, stirring its policies and actions, is the authority and control over the state of Palestine. This is the main goal of Israeli violence and fighting. Israel settled its colonies in the Palestinian land. Zionism arose from the desire to protect Jews in Europe from fears of European anti-Semitism. However, the desire manifested itself in the form of settler colonization and settling colonies in Palestine at the beginning of the 20th century. Resistance to Israeli violence from Palestine still stands in their way.

Israel uses words like protecting Israeli citizens, rule of law and order, and protection of the sovereign state of Israel as the main terms to mask the violence and threat for the Palestinians. Now, in order to achieve these results and motivations, it is crucial to attack the injured, women and children, kick and push elderly people like cattle, arrest children, and break the windows and damage the centuries-old walls in Al-Aqsa Mosque, not allowing ambulances to reach the injured, murdering journalists, arrest the Palestinians and then attack the relatives of Palestinians.

These violent acts are not about security, law and order, and maintaining the rule of state. These simply state the desire to maintain the authority and sovereignty of the state of Israel over the Palestinians and their land. The desire for supreme power manifests itself in the form of Israeli politics and society. Almost a year ago Israel launched an attack on the Gaza Strip which caused the expulsion of people from their homes and damage to the places of prayer and worship.

Almost 256 people from Palestine were killed, 2000 housing units were destroyed, and almost 15000 housing facilities were damaged. About 58 educational facilities were damaged with about $89m worth of destruction to the industrial, agricultural, and energy sectors of Palestinian authorities. These acts of violence were simply meant to secure the authority of Israel over the state of Palestine. Israeli Channel 12 creates and broadcasts genocidal songs and manifests hatred towards the Palestinian people in general. The manslaughter of innocent civilians of the state of Palestine is simply projected in the form of a desire of Israel to reach a final verdict for a very hostile situation and a victory over Hamas terrorists.

Israel expressed genocidal wishes against Palestine, and an Israeli spokesperson stated that the government should wipe out Gaza once and for all. Israeli citizens make fun of the plight of Palestinian people, women, and children in the media. Cutting off the food and water supplies of the civilians and creating a mockery of the situation is the downfall of humanity. New York Times and CBC show the genocidal wishes of Israeli citizens as frustrated people who want to gain security and are angry about the current situation.

Mainstream media created distorted images of the original situation, while Israel continues violence and threat to the Palestine state and uses weapons of mass destruction to destroy the people and their homes in the Palestinian territory. Israel desires to maintain God-like authority and supremacy in the Middle East region. No one has the right to question the absolute authority and supremacy of the Majesty.

About thousands of Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli attacks up till now.

Israel continues its attacks on innocent civilians in search of Hamas and Israeli hostages. Still, the search for Hamas does not give Israel absolute authority to destroy the lives of people, women, and children. Mainstream media simply promotes the dehumanization of Palestinians in a subtle manner. Nearly, 29000 Palestinians have been murdered in the brutal attacks of Israel and the Muslim world has no authority and voice to stop the annihilation of their fellow Muslims. The US vetoes every resolution against the genocide and continues to be the biggest supporter of Israeli terrorism.

The genocidal attitude of Israel has nothing to do with Judaism and the teachings of Moses. Rather, it is a wish for Israeli supremacy in the land of Palestine. It is the same massacre of natives as the Europeans-Americans did by creating settlements in America and destroying the lives of native Red Indians.

Unless the world intervenes and stops buying incendiary narratives and fake stories, nothing is going to change. Israel keeps shedding crocodile tears and blaming Hamas fighters for unleashing violence on the Palestinians. We will be hearing the same narratives for years to come and the history of the destruction of humans and barbaric attacks on humanity will continue repeating itself.