Many times you hear the phrase “happiness is a choice” from your peers or motivational speakers. So, popular culture seems to focus on happiness without knowing what happiness truly is, and how we can remain happy in our lives. We all want to remain happy, but using the phrase can be reductive for people suffering from bipolar disorder or depression. These people cannot be happy like other normal individuals, and using the phrase “happiness is a choice” is not wise for these people. There need to be substitutions for these people.

Happiness is a complex concept, and it relies on several important social factors like socioeconomic status and age, location, and geographical location. Some people cannot choose to be happy, and the idea of happiness is a choice that cannot apply to them.

People who cannot choose to be happy suffer from mental health disorders

People with depressive disorders find it difficult to enjoy daily life and deal with everyday problems. So, they need the help of medication and therapy to treat depressive disorders. Someone who is suffering from mental health conditions might not be able to enjoy the activities like other individuals, and even if they are able to do so, it might not be as beneficial to them.

There is a stigma surrounding people with mental health disorders and telling them that “happiness is a choice “reinforces that stigma. This makes their problems of depression and mental health seem mediocre.

If we are telling a guy that their mood can be controlled, then it is not right. Telling unhappy person that they can control their emotions makes them feel unhappy. Even research has shown that putting greater importance on feeling happy and finding happiness can affect the symptoms of depression.

What to do if happiness Is not your choice

There are many reasons why people do not get to find happiness in their lives. Using the axiom “happiness is a choice” might not be correct. Rather, we must say that “happiness comes from inside”. You can find sources of happiness within yourself instead of looking outside for happiness. There are small things that can make you happy and contented. You do not need big reasons to be happy and find contentment. So, why not open yourself to happiness when it is so easy for you now.

Some ways to be happy

Studies have found that fostering close relationships can make you happy. So, you need your own circle of friends or close relations for sharing love. We always need our loved ones and their support to make ourselves happy.

You can practice gratitude for the things in your life. Things like starting a journal or telling your loved ones that they make you happy is practicing gratitude in your life. You can also volunteer for other social events and help people in need. This can help you to feel happy as you help others who need you in their tough times.

Mindful activities and yoga can help you focus on the present and remove negative thoughts and emotions from your mind. We must practice mindfulness in order to stay focused and remove all the distractions and bad emotions that are hurting us.

Studies have found that adults spend about 10 hours on the screen. So, limiting your screen time can help you reduce the symptoms of depression. You can spend your time on screen wisely, and do not compare your life with other people on social media.

Self-care is vital for our well-being. So, take good care of yourself by getting a hot bath, eating good and nutritious food, and exercising on a daily basis. These activities can improve your mental well-being and promote self-care.

Therapy can help you find the root cause of your problem. You can talk to a health care specialist or licensed practitioner for help if you are suffering from depression and low self-esteem. A good psychologist can guide you better, and suggest practices that improve your mental health and well-being. So, if you are in need of help, then do not hesitate to ask for a good specialist’s help. Always take the help of professional services, and do not suffer alone from your depression.