The freedom of Kashmir and the current scenario

The Indian government made the tyrannical decision to abolish article 370 and strip Kashmir of its autonomous place. The Kashmiris have lost all the freedom of expression and living. The decision of the 5th of August 2019 will be marked in history as the assault on the right of Kashmir to exist as an autonomous entity.

The Kashmiri population is living in a state of confusion, despair, and unrest. The leadership of Kashmir is put behind bars which raise a question about the right to self-determination of Kashmiris. Many pro-Indian Kashmiri leaders have felt betrayed themselves due to the obsession of the Indian government with power and most Hindu governments in the subcontinent. India does not want an autonomous state within the country but rather forces the illegal occupation of Kashmir by an extremist Hindu government.

The lives of the Kashmiri population have been subject to fear and terror. Many people undergo torture and extrajudicial killing in the Indian-occupied Kashmir. The Indian obsession with power has destroyed the lives of many innocent Kashmiris. Many innocent persons got killed, women lost their husbands and children lost their fathers.

The state has enforced terror and confusion in the lives of the common man. The supporters of the Indian government are left confused as the refusal of India to establish a democratic rule in Kashmir has made the intentions of the Indian government relatively clear. The people feel that armed struggle is the last resort left for them. The Kashmiri people have been deprived of their fundamental rights of freedom and democracy. They cannot send their children to school, go to work, and live freely like an independent city in the world. The Indian government has brought misery and helplessness to the lives of the common man. Kashmir is livable for all except the Kashmiri people.

Pakistan's role in Kashmir issue

The Pakistani government has reacted to the issue and recorded its concern on the matter. People of the world have come to know about the atrocities committed by the Indian army in Kashmir. But the issue has not been highlighted enough. Also, the world response is inadequate related to the seriousness of the issue. We feel the Kashmir issue has been brought to the United Nations many times before, but the world has not realized the gravity of the situation. The world has reacted negatively to the Ukrainian issue, but the state-induced terrorism in Kashmir has not been put to the forefront.

Many pro-Indian leaders and supporters of Kashmir have come to realize that the lives of the Kashmiri people are in the hands of those who do not care about their lives. The state does not realize the right of Kashmiris to self-determination and willingness to happiness. The centralists and separatists can work together for their goals. The centralists can join the legal battle and present their case to the Indian Supreme Court. While the separatists can work for the freedom of Kashmir and fight the long battle. However, the non-sectarian and non-violent manner of struggle is the best to fight the long-going battle.

Life sentence of Yasin Malik

Recently, the Indian National Investigative Agency has convicted Kashmiri freedom fighter Yasin Malik of life imprisonment. Indian government violated the pledge in 1994 as the TADA government started the trial of cases that are about 30 years old. The Indian government is bent to destroy the true leadership of Kashmir and has derailed the democratic process in Kashmir. Yasin Malik is the chief of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Most of the Kashmiri leadership is detained illegally. Also, Yasin Malik has been convicted in a 30-year-old case.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front announced a ceasefire in 1994 after guaranteeing of suspension of military-related cases and political settlement. India tries to oppress the Kashmiris in different ways and suppress the voice of Kashmiri leadership.

The Kashmiri leader was not allowed to present himself physically in court. He has been convicted on fake charges of terrorism. He has been detained for a long period in Tihar Jail and the Indian government has been trying to hang him just as they did with Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat.

I pledge to the international community to look at Kashmir and the injustices made against the Kashmiris and their leadership. Now, is the time for the world needs to understand the situation in Kashmir and provide Kashmiris with their fundamental right to freedom.