If the walls could talk, they would reveal the “conversations” between four international artists who use unusual materials to create unexpected works of art.

If the walls could they would speak of variable and abstract geometries, but also of illusory and disorienting images: ordinary items changing their function, even their condition and shape.

Geometric and abstract forms are the territory on which Michael Johansson (Sweden 1975) and Hiva Alizadeh (Iran 1989) juggle.

Both make use of pre-existing artifacts, decontextualizing them: Johansson builds monolithic agglomerations of common objects, while Alizadeh draws impalpable representations with vivid and volatile extensions (strands of synthetic hair).

Using hyper-performing materials, Sali Muller (Luxembourg 1981) creates views on four-dimensional thresholds , that the artist creates by the use of three-dimensional screens that draw one back to an alienating and illusory two-dimensional world.

The exhibition shifts from the representation of aseptic geometric abstractions to the rendition of sculptures made of soft clothes with organic shapes and filled up with sand or to even a more explicit representation of genitalia: Élle de Bernardini (Brazil 1991) sculpts nylon stockings and synthetic furs, cuts out eco-leather and fabrics.