How do you capture the moment, the thrill of an instant? What is the technique, the most suitable language to evoke and fix a feeling, a thought, an ideology? It is not easy to make a decision but art offers multiple possibilities, it goes beyond time and space, gives shape to the invisible, thus crystallizing the essence of each experience. The chemical process of crystallization itself gives rise to crystalline solids of heterogeneous shapes, sometimes ordered and other times less so, simple structures or so complex as to be incomprehensible.

Every artist seeks, experiments, finds his material, his own means of expression so as not to let that moment go, that tension towards a different modus comunicandi, not understandable to everyone, but absolutely fascinating, crystallizing something that would otherwise remain intangible and not shared.

Crystallized is conceived as an opportunity to discover how these artists have managed to fix something intimate and profound, thanks not to a chemical-physical process, but to a path of artistic research. Artists: Affiliati, David Begbie, conTESSA, Daniele Fortuna, Josepha Gasch-Muche, Corrado Marchese, Davide Paglia, Silvia Papas, Pier Toffoletti, Nicola Villa, Zhang DongHong.