When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.

(Charles Evans Hughes)

The history of humanity is marked by the need to investigate differences and by crossing the veil of Maya that covers the unknown, to arrive at the truth. Art has always been a preferred means of overstepping the curtain of prejudice and examining what is not fully known, opening up new ways for us to discover and understand the many ways in which we can express our being, where normality is nothing, yet everything, a purely subjective interpretation.

Nature itself teaches us that evolution is really born out of diversities: if everything always remained as it is, there would be no progress.

We are Who We are is an exhibition in which the variety of artistic genres on display and the point of view of each artist on the theme of diversity, leads us to investigate how differences are an expression of innate elegance. Thanks to art, our vision goes beyond each category of gender, sexual or religious orientation and any inequality giving us the opportunity to explore and understand, not to conform. Respecting differences is a value, not a problem, it is civilization, not a political issue.