Couturier and designer to the stars and one of France’s most renowned and celebrated photographers and furniture designers, Maurice Renoma will share a collection of photographs in his first solo exhibition in New York at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery opening November 14th. Modographe (“fashionographer”) will feature a series of playful, sensual and provocative color and gray-scale photographs that lie at the intersection of fashion, photography, and art.

Modographe falls on the 50th anniversary of Renoma’s celebrated Parisian boutique, White House, where he has catered to icons such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Karl Lagerfeld, and Eric Clapton. Beginning his career in the 1960’s when his innovative designs forever altered the conventions and styles of contemporary menswear, Renoma continued to explore a type of sensual surrealism within his creative practice that eventually expanded into photography, design, and lifestyle.

“Fashion was always my first artistic passion but over the years I made a natural progression towards photography and it has become the focus of my work for the last few decades. I give the same attention to detail and composition to my photographic works as I gave to my clothing creations and I am honored to share these images with the New York art community for the first time,” explains Maurice Renoma.

Renoma is known for an intelligent and playful approach to experimental photography.

His digitally altered photographs present the unpredictable, provocative and insane often featuring hybrid images of humans with bestial heads, androgynous gender composites and unexpected nudes.