BDG is thrilled to present Federico Infante’s debut US solo exhibition, The Space Between. The young Chilean’s acrylic masterpieces blend figurative and abstract elements to create ethereal worlds on paper and canvas. His all-new collection will remain true to his signature style but will experiment with new themes and artistic directions as he evolves as a painter; Infante himself said he is proud of the “maturity of the [upcoming] collection.”

Inspired by the Chilean landscape, by everyday life in New York City and by his own intuition, Infante creates honest paintings that portray beautiful, dream-like universes. Infante seamlessly juxtaposes layers of multiple colors to achieve serene yet powerful palettes. His compositions incorporate sections of realism with portions of abstraction. The colorful backgrounds of his works, some more articulated than others, are typically foggy with visible evidence of the artist’s process - drips and streaks of paint. Emerging from these unclear surroundings, the viewer finds a beautifully rendered figure, usually turned away or unaware of the viewer’s gaze, immersed in his or her own internal contemplation. The carefully articulated subject in contrast to the ambiguous background suggests the complex relationship between reality, spirituality and the subconscious.

Although a young artist, Infante has quickly distinguished himself in the American market. Since his introduction to the gallery in the spring of last year, Infante’s works have consistently sold out. Infante received his BFA from Finis Terrae University in 2002 and graduated in the spring of 2013 with his MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He was the recipient of the Uanlane Foundation Scholarship (2012), the Conicyt Scholarship (2009), and the Juan Downey Grant (2004). He has had several successful solo and group exhibitions in Chile. His work has been adopted into private collections across the US and internationally, including France, Belgium, Germany and Singapore. Infante currently lives and works in New York; he will attend the opening on October 2 and is available for interviews.