BDG’s Winter Collective Part 2 will feature the works of François Bard, Peter Martensen, Stéphane E. Dumas, Frédéric Deprun and Matteo Pugliese. We welcome back Bard and Martensen after successful solo exhibitions at the gallery in early 2014. Both figurative artists are heavily inspired by history and the media but approach their human subjects in vastly different ways. Bard’s large scale, cropped oil on canvas paintings are bold and cinematic while Martensen’s eerie other worlds, which use a limited palette of subdued colors, border on science fiction.

Dumas’ large landscape paintings are distinguished by their ethereal blend of abstract and landscape genres. Deprun uses a hyper-realistic approach to play with scale; he often distorts and blurs his striking subjects. We introduced Pugliese’s bronze figurative sculptures to Chelsea this year and they were met with overwhelming success; his fragmented bronze men emerge from the gallery walls in pieces – a leg, a muscular arm, a foot appears from the unknown.