Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is pleased to present our Summer Collective Part II featuring works by Joseph Adolphe, Elizabeth Allison, Ardan Ozmenoglu and introducing Ayline Olukman.

The show will introduce to New York for the first time the dynamic multimedia work of Ayline Olukman. The young French artist works with silkscreen, oil paint, collage and photography to create intriguing syntheses of past and present. She draws inspiration from experiences she has gained while travelling internationally to Japan, China, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. Her premiere solo exhibition was in 2005 in France- the same year she graduated from École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. Since 2005, Olukman has shown her work worldwide in major art cities, including Shanghai, Glasgow, London, Paris, San Francisco, Istanbul, Basel, and Dubai. Furthermore, she has participated in several prestigious art fairs including Art Shanghai 2008, Scope Basel 2010 and Contemporary Istanbul in 2011 and 2012. Her debut exhibition at BDG captures youth, nostalgia, femininity, sexuality and the past in such a way that allows the viewers to experience a distinct sense of nostalgia for places and memories that were never theirs.

Select works from Elizabeth Allison’s newest collection will be included in the exhibition. Allison, a young Chicago native, established herself in the public eye first through her public sculpture installation in Riverside Park South, River Gazers, and consequently for her large-scale, atmospheric watercolors. Her works on paper are distinguished by a distinct sense of depth, visible watermarks and tendency towards abstraction while still remaining decidedly in the landscape genre.

BDG is excited to present new works by Canadian painter Joseph Adolphe. The 2013 collection includes a series of bulls- a powerful subject he has been well known for since his first solo exhibition at BDG, Toro Bravo (2012). These all-new pieces stay true to his style- utilizing broad brushstrokes and vibrant colors- but experiment with the use of gold-leaf. This bold effect creates stunning visual masterpieces that are strong in composition and subject while remaining accessible and aesthetically enticing.

The show will also feature colorful pieces from Turkish artist, Ardan Ozmenoglu. Her playful and intelligent work, ripe with sociopolitical commentary, challenges the viewer to reconsider familiar images, products and ideas. She cleverly uses ubiquitous items, such as glass and Post-it® notes, to create pieces of art that unite seemingly opposing ideas: the past and the present, art history and contemporary art trends, creativity and consumerism, repetition and individuality, the whole and the fragmented. On display this summer will be a series of innovative, brightly colored silkscreened images on Post-it® note canvases.

Allison, Adolphe, Ozmenoglu and Olukman each choose a different medium to express their creative ideas; however, they are all united by the ability to playfully experiment with their materials and challenge the viewer’s perceptions of how a medium “should” be used. Whether it be Olukman’s bright colors and collages, Ozmenoglu’s use of Post-it® notes as art, Adolphe’s experimentation with gold leaf or the visibility of the painting process in Allison’s work, each artist brings something new, exciting and innovative to traditional, figurative art.