The MIC is preserves one of the most interesting Italian collection of Pre-Colombian ceramics, including enchanting evidences from several cultures such as Nasca, Moche and Chimu in the Peruvian area and Teotihuacan, Aztec, Mixtec and Maya in the Mesoamerica.

These ceramics, in some cases preserved in the MIC storage department and never exhibited before, together with works on loan from Italian collections, for a total about 300 works, will be the heart of the exhibition curated by Antonio Aimi and Antonio Guarnotta.

It starts from recent and advanced archaeological and ethnic-historical researches to show in a new way the most fascinating characteristics of the ancient America and aims to analyse an overall vision of the Pre-Columbian America, to show both a synthesis of the Pan-american features, common to the different cultures, and an in-depth analysis of the single subjects. Extraordinary works that the colonization suppressed.