The department devoted to the classical ceramics shows items from pre-Roman epoch to the Hellenic Greece. The exhibits represent different places of realization and chronological developments: Aegean ceramics, with geometrical decorations, Corinthian and Etruscan/Corinthian, Oriental Greek and Attican. Concerning the Italic area, there are Apula, Magna Greece, figurative, over painted and black painted ceramics and Etruscan productions (bucchero).

This department offers the possibility to face ancient techniques of shapes and decorations, in particular the remarkable red and black ceramics from Attica and Magna Greece, resulting from a complicate and long process of realization.

The complexity and variety of the Roman epoch ceramics is so vast that the curators decide to present a selection of archaeological findings from Faenza, consisting in dinner vessels, functional potteries and great containers for the trades.