The about one hundred works displayed in this department, document the extraordinary dynamism of the 20th century international ceramic sculpture. They came to the MIC collections thanks to the well-known Faenza Prize, active since 1938, and to the several donations from philanthropists who trusted in the scientific value and uniqueness of the Faenza heritage.

After the 20th century section, the visitor may admire an international setting where similar ceramic projects and poetics had different developments inside each Country, represented by great masters who carried on unique territorial artistic peculiarities.

If during the Fifties the attention mainly focused on the technique and on the object as an archetype (the dish, the vase), the Sixties raised more and more ceramics as a sculptural work.

The works coming from the Faenza Prize, real assessment of the art tendencies of the different periods, testify this statement. They emphasize the expressive and stylistic results linked to the main contemporary art trends: informal, pop, abstract, conceptual art, and so on until the recent creations which join different contemporary art languages.

This collection has the aim to be a “work in progress” considering that the works will be alternated to offer a vision of contemporary ceramics coming from the most recent Competitions; they may represent new stimulus and suggestions from the museum collections.

This important collection has been displayed thanks to the fundamental contribution of the “Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza” and to the support of Emilia Romagna region.