Let yourself be spirited away by gods and ghosts to the mysterious East.

With works of art displayed in an area of approximately 360 m² the exhibition brings various religions to life. The historical beginnings of Hinduism and Buddhism, their expansion and also their intermixture with other teachings such as ancestor worship are illustrated using some 220 exhibits. The sacred objects and items of everyday use including sculptures, vessels, clothing, musical instruments and jewellery date from 2000 BC to the 20th century AD. They provide an insight into the cultural history of India, Tibet, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

One of the most impressive works of religious art is a Bodhisattva Buddha from South Asia. The fascinating culture of Japan is represented by a room for tea ceremonies, colourful screens and lacquer works, and also by a Daimyo suit of armour. An Uli ancestor figurine from New Ireland and a orator's stool from Papua New Guinea display a sophisticated artistry. Further highlights include Indonesian shadow puppets and a Hawaiian feather cloak which James Cook brought back to Europe from his third voyage of exploration.