Travel to the empire of the pharaohs and learn more about their mortuary rituals. Discover a culture whose pyramids, hieroglyphs and mummies still fascinate today.

Taking up some 40 m² the exhibition introduces the mortuary cult and concepts of the afterlife that prevailed in ancient Egypt. Approximately 110 objects from the period between 3000 and 30 BC outline the cultural history of the 30 dynasties of pharaohs. Grave goods and parts of coffins from the most important eras illustrate the continuities and hiatuses in the sacred art of ancient Egypt.

The core of the exhibition is a four-part coffin assemblage from the heyday of coffin painting. It dates from the period around 1000 BC and belonged to a noble priestess of Amun from Thebes. Several other fragments of pharaonic coffins are also on display. Small-scale amulets, pieces of jewellery and figurines of deities complete the exhibition. All these artefacts bear witness to the efforts of the ancient Egyptians to make the journey into the afterlife easier and less dangerous.