Experience first-hand the development and transformation of the first humans in this region. Both children and adults learn that there can be no future without a past.

Taking up approximately 360 m² the exhibition uses archaeological finds to display 50,000 years of human history. 1,500 original finds offer an account of the Early and Late Stone Ages, the Bronze Age, the pile dwellers, the Iron Age, the Celts, the Romans and the Early Middle Ages. Some of the exhibits are of international importance and their uniqueness makes them completely invaluable.

Some of the most outstanding objects include the precious grave goods of a Bronze Age leader from Thun. Another highlight of the exhibition is the hydria from Grächwil, a spectacular Greek import from the 6th century BC. A bronze figurine depicting the bear goddess Dea Artio is fascinating not just because of its appearance but also due to the mysterious role it played concerning the founding legend of the city of Bern.