Tell your children and grandchildren stories about the days of your wild youth and discover a creative and surprising side to Bern.

Taking up approximately 580 m² the exhibition relates Bern's journey to modernity in the form of a time bar. A retrospective of the last century brings the recent past of the city and canton back to life. Six rooms are dedicated to the years between 1900 and 2001. Each year is represented by an event or pioneering feat, which makes the zeitgeist of that particular time more tangible. Some 200 original objects and numerous replicas give visitors an insight into a wide range of topics which include everything from politics to the economy, society, sports, technology, science, everyday life, and art and design. Besides successful innovations, rather less successful inventions and dead-end ventures are also represented.

The variety and vast array of exhibits are fascinating. The success stories of Toblerone and Kambly, the 'Modell 29' telephone or the Robidog dispenser illustrate the ingenuity of past decades. Audio tracks and film sequences document events and achievements from the world of culture.