Atelier Natalia Gromicho have the honor to present Soft Silence Of The Arts, the first Iranian Contemporary Exhibition presented at Lisbon ́s Downtown art atelier.

21 artists selected by the curator Gita Meh and with co-curators Safoora Esmaeil Nezhad, Salwa Zeidan Gallery will now present their first time exhibition in Portugal opening on the 13th January with a private view.

“Silence”, means the Lake of sounds or a sound.

“Soft Silence of the Arts.”; is a group exhibition of Iranian Contemporary artists, offering meaning as they communicate through their visual voices.

Integrating cultures, through Iran and Portugal. Processing ideas. Reflecting imaginations. Exchanging glances. Hope. A sweet taste.

In our noisy Global World, Communities Connect Softly, as the artist’s narrate through their painting and photography the love of stillness, yellow, oil, ink, a symbol, a link, a flower, a note there in the corner, locating, a tile, near the Historical Monument, The Fernandina Wall, the Land of Turquoise, then the Silk Road continues, to Lisbon.

We invite you to our world.