Atelier Natalia Gromicho presents Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition (#LICE18), the fifth edition of the international exhibition that presents a selection of artists from all around the world, in Lisbon.

In this 5th anniversary we will present a wide range of expressions, such as Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Installation and some surprises...

-Natália Gromicho (Portugal) = Painting -Domingo Parada (USA) = Painting -Olivia Moelo (France) = Sculpture -Maria Dobrican (Italy) = Painting -Nancy Woolf Petty-John (USA) = Painting -David Barbero Domeno (Spain) = Painting -Lee Steele (England) = Ceramics -Carlo Benocci (Italy) -Silvia Palazon Lopez (Spain) = Painting -Yoku Yu (China) = Painting -Annie Decamp (USA) = Painting -Carmen Sasieta (Peru) = Painting -Salman Soofi (Pakistan) = Painting -Vorden (Slovakia) = Painting -Endre Bartos (Germany) = Painting -Natalia Velit (Peru) = Painting -Chong Kok Choon (Malaysia) = Painting -Gary Yeow Jinn Sheng (Malaysia) = Instalation -Leloluce (France) = Painting

This year we will be approaching some new concepts to this exhibition, bringing some new installations and interventions, new countries = new cultures and all new idea of showing artwork at a gallery!