Axelle Fine Arts Galerie is proud to present “Entre Deux Mondes” (Between Two Worlds), a solo exhibition of new works by French artist Philippe Charles Jacquet.

Jacquet has had several extremely successful solo shows at Axelle over the past few years. “Entre Deux Mondes” will feature over 25 stunning new works and will celebrate the highly anticipated release of his first monograph. The book will include high quality images complimented by an eloquent commentary by Patricia Larcher. Jacquet’s remarkable style is defined by his incredible attention to detail, magnificent use of twilight colors and perhaps most notably, his masterful creation of surreal, ethereal worlds. He has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout France. Notably, he won first prize at the Plastic Arts Exhibition at Melun. Axelle is pleased to present Jacquet’s work to the United States.

Jacquet’s evocative paintings are a seamless blend of fantasy and reality. His compositions, heavily inspired by Brittany coasts and estuaries, deeply register with the subconscious. His sweeping land and seascapes often feature an ambiguous single person whose small size is emphasized by the vastness of the surrounding world. This smallness creates both an incredible sense of wonder and an overwhelming sense of isolation and loneliness. The huge space is full of potential and waiting to be discovered and at the same time, there is a poignant emptiness and separation from the rest of the world. It is up to the viewer to balance these two conflicting feelings.

Philippe Charles Jacquet was born in Paris in 1957, Jacquet was trained as an architect at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. After pursuing a 20 year long career in architecture, he decided to dedicate himself solely to painting in 2000. His painting technique is entirely self-taught. The level of precision and detail in his work speaks to his architectural background while the atmosphere embodied in his paintings is a complete manifestation of his own imagination. He takes extra care when approaching the houses that often appear in his paintings. He builds, rather than paints these structures, often composing them on paper and later transferring them onto the backdrop. They effectively serve as reminders of a human presence in these expansive, dream-like landscapes.Jacquet currently lives and works in Pantin, a suburb of Paris, where he ran an exhibition hall for ten years until he began to focus all of his efforts on his art.

He is not simply a painter of landscapes; he is a creator. Jacquet has mastered the ability to combine what is real and what is imagined. As a result, his compositions, heavily inspired by Brittany coasts and estuaries, have an element of the sublime and register deeply with the subconscious. Although he paints sparse landscapes there is something fundamentally pleasing in the surreal, idealized quality of his work.