Axelle’s Summer Group Show will feature a rotating exhibition featuring works by all artists. Currently showing Albert Hadjiganev, Patrick Pietropoli, Fabienne Delacroix, Beth Carter and Philippe H. Dequesne.

In the main room, we are currently featuring paintings by Albert Hadjiganev and Patrick Pietropoli. As a minimalist, Hadjiganev captures the simple moments of daily life with only a few elements. With perfect technique and deep sensitivity, he freely transfigures reality to create a mysterious environment filled with grace. We are proud to present all new landscapes and peaceful interiors from the Bulgarian master painter. Patrick Pietropoli draws inspiration from the style of old masters such as Titian and Velasquez while creating grand figural compositions and cityscapes. He paints the carefully articulated architecture of Paris, New York, Venice, Florence and Rome. We currently have many of his European cityscapes and New York pieces on view.

In the viewing room and front windows, we have a selection of works by Fabienne Delacroix on display. Michel Delacroix’s daughter, Fabienne Delacroix, presents stunning paintings in a similar style as her father but with different content. Fabienne depicts French seascapes, landscapes and quiet interior scenes.

Downstairs, we have works from French painter Philippe Herman Dequesne. Jean Dubois said of Dequesne’s work: “Two qualifiers, usually opposed, summarize what one feels in front of a Philippe Dequesne canvas: strength and sensitivity.” This is exceptionally true. We present a new selection of still lifes, seascapes and contemporary interiors by the French artist.