More than an exhibition, Wabi Sabi is a project, a search.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese expression that is an aesthetic vision based on acceptance of the impermanence of things. Difficult to translate, describes the beauty and harmony of objects, natural or artificial, imperfect but who embody the ideal of perfection. Andrew Juniper claims that "if an object or expression can cause within ourselves a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual ardor, then you can say that this object is wabi-sabi".

Richard R. Powell summarizes by saying "(the wabi-sabi) nurtures all that is authentic accepting three simple truths: nothing lasts, nothing is done, nothing is perfect." The Wabi Sabi Show, Italian Slow Design is an investigation in the field of contemporary design in the sense of 'handcrafted design'. Wabi Sabi to get away not only by the industrial techniques but also by a sort of seriality aesthetic in common with any good idea. Wabi Sabi intended, as a means to experience, to overstep the limits and explore new frontiers and as a return to tradition and as a rediscovery of the "craft" has always been a contemporary keeper of a manual skill and traditions that today we should preserve, re-evaluate and continue to do live. Twelve Italian designers will exhibit an 'object' designed for the exhibition, then dutifully done by hand, mixing the virtues of technology and craft, leaving 'see' the border where one helps the other, where the work of 'gives way to one's work.

Analogia Project, Antonio Aricò, Giorgio Biscaro, Matteo Casalegno, Paolo Casalis,Carlo Contin, Cristina Celestino, Enzo Mastrangelo, Paolo Polloniato, Alessandra Roveda, Segno Italiano, Giorgia Zanellato.

The show will debut in Turin in a unique exhibition space in its exceptionality, which comes loaded with historical and architectural charm, it is an example of Methodist church built in the late nineteenth century, now completely renovated. L'Eglise, recently opened to the public, is sensitive to all forms of research in the field of art and design and follows with particular attention to the work of emerging artists and designers both nationally and internationally, creating a series of contacts with galleries, associations, cultural centres, cultural institutions. The Église is located in the centre of Turin, just steps from Piazza San Carlo.

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