Dorothy Circus Gallery proudly presents “Printemps Parisien”, a special Event Focus On Teheran artist Afarin Sajedi.

Following the Artist residency in Paris, Dorothy Circus Gallery will exhibit ten brand new artworks, mostly “ink on paper” by Sajedi, created during her staying at La Citè Internationale Des Arts, along with some unreleased drawings and the Canvas from the Chef Offer serie “The Chef”.

In the Printemps Parisien series, Sajedi is turning out all contents and iconography of her recent production but adding a newfound narrative, inspired by the seductive and ironic wind of the global culture. Women are once again the actress of a bizarre and surrealistic everyday life: knitting, fishing, travelling, cooking, taking care of everything that’s around them with an incorruptible patience and love.

Teasing us with the “Cinderella Complex”, the Artist unmasks the contemporary romance’s fairy tale, with a long sweet laugh, according to women’s awareness of their own roots and their possible future.

Nearby the brand new artworks, nine beautiful graphites are displayed, among which there is an original version of The Crucifixion and the cat “Marvel”, icon of the Metamorphosis, symbolizing reincarnation and rebirth.

This event will be followed by Afarin Sajedi’s firts Italian Solo Exhibition, scheduled on March 2016, which will bring on the italian stage a new body of work composed by 8 huge size acrylic on canvas artworks.

Afarin Sajedi was born in 1979 in Shiraz, Iran. She came to Teheran to study at the Azad University where she got her degree in Art and Graphic Design. Sajedi’s creativity, technique and powerful trait ensured her a prominent position in the world of Iranian art.

She has several motifs she enjoys portraying, however, whether she is depicting following her Japanese inspiration, her clowns or her theatrical characters she mostly portrays women. Afarin Sajedi’s stunning paintings are characterised by a central figure on a dark background which is often cut by golden fishes, crossing the scenario and surrounding Afarin Sajedi’s women while they are submerged in a deep sea of quietness and comfortable silence, painted with dark acrylic brushes on huge size canvases. The symbolism of the fish alludes to the fluency of the feelings and the inner desire to “swim” free in our imagination, without any restriction or any filter. In all her artworks, wom¬en’s faces literally come out of the darkness. This effect visualise the artist’s will to describe the women’s feelings: both the pain and the joy of leaving the safe condition of their homes to enter into the outside world. Enigmatic faces, by choice or by necessity, that cross ethnic, cultural and religious borders, universal metaphor of the complexity of women’s personalities and express what they often fail to tell. Woman is the key topic: introverted and sometimes painful but strong anyhow. The emotions seep from the eyes, open or closed, once shiny once covered by funny glasses, are always the symbol of Desire, the desire to look beyond what we can easily see, a peek into the soul, that as through a pinhole drips light and sorrow into its more obscure folds. Every canvas represents women’s feelings, felt and experienced differently and underlined by various bizarre make up.“Women have often told me how much they enjoy using make up because it allows them to wear another face”, Sajedi tells. Her color palette, somehow inspired by Heinrich Boll’s “Clown” as by Gustav Klimt’s atmospheres, seeks to vivify the feeling of pain and the ability of the woman to hold up in any role and situation she decides to thrust herself into. Sajedi ’s paintings and characters, intense and ironic evoke at the same time the elaborated nuances of Shakespeare’ and Lars von Trier’s dramas and Cervantes and Calvino’ surreal adventures.

Sajedi has participated at many group as well as solo exhibitions in Tehran, with Etemad Gallery. She had her first european solo exhibition in Rome, when she was invited to show her art in the prestigious location of Palazzo Valentini for the exhibition “Inside Her Eyes”, on 2013. Sajedi’s art has been displayed alongside the renowned USA based artists Colin Christian and Sas Christian, and together with the italian artist Francesca Di Nunzio, in a four person show titled “God is her Deejay” , curated by Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Italy. On 2015 Sajedi has been invited by La Citè Internationale Des Arts for a 3 months Art Residency in Paris, France. She is presently living and working in Teheran.